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I was scammed and need help!

My name is Gabriel Acosta, a small business owner seeking representation in a securities fraud case. I am a victim of online broker scam; a operation I was coerced into, and as a result of which I was defrauded by a company named Tridixoptions (, claiming to have a registered address at 1407 Moon Harbor ct, Saint Augustine, FL United States, representing itself as a “financial broker”.
The perpetrators approached me through the social media platform, Instagram, using profiles inquiring whether I was interested in making a small investment into their platform, Tridixoptions. I decided to give it a try with $300 USD. In my eyes, this was an opportunity and decided to incorporate a business to use as a personal investment structure and decided to use this "online broker" as a catalyst for the opportunity. Shortly after the initial deposit, they began charging me fees as the “investment value” increased on the platform. These fees included fees to increase wallet value, enable auto-trading and finally a withdrawal insurance fee, among other various "fees". The value listed on their "platform" consistently showed an increase in value; I went ahead and believed their listed returns and continued to deposit funds into the account. At the time of payout, I was shown to have a value of over 108,000 USD and had personally invested approximately 50,000 USD into their platform. Unfortunately, on May 31, 2019 after depositing the withdrawal insurance fee, I received communication from the platform informing me that if I had not received my payout by then that I will not receive one and to proceed with filing a lawsuit against them.
I am able to provide email documentation detailing what is described above, it is house and organized within the company OneDrive.
Upon further reflection, it is evident that this Merchant is operating the online platform under the address and the deposit of funds were directed into a false and fictitious “trading account”. The cryptocurrency deposits I made into their account are as follows:
  1. Bitcoin (BTC) totally equal to 10,541.15 USD bought via Coinbase, LocalBitcoins and BitBase exchange ( platforms;
  2. Bitcoin (BTC) totally equal to 24,016.00 USD bought via Paxful exchange ( – owned and operated by Paxful Inc., a company registered under the laws of the United States, having its registered address at 3422 Old Capitol Trail PMB # 989 Wilmington, DE 19808-6124;
  3. A wire funds totaling to 9,720.08 USD to another entity acting as Beneficiary, namely Coin Trader LLC, registered in the US with company number 1293008-93, based in 4621 SW KELLY AVE STE 200, Oregon, USA and holding an account with Keybank National Association. These funds were used to purchase additional virtual currency (BTC) and transferred into the e-wallet of the fictitious e-wallet.
The entirety of purchased BTC (virtual currency) were deposited into the following wallet addresses, as designated by the Merchant:
1EqldoPtl96ZDYF2uoATG5YV6Bj3uih4u9 (
3Qd7ghJ39CA3VrTc4DtATAyT3kVjvGcv6b ( AND 3QfSA27pAU68YRahSbbusCtEyKnNyNxp48 (
The aforementioned should have never been treated as owned by the Merchant. Neither the Merchant nor the beneficiary of payments demonstrated capacity to keep segregated accounts for such investment endeavors. It remains unclear how the Merchant passed through the on-boarding procedures of the cryptocurrency exchange, respectively whether the Merchant acted on his own or by an authorized representative in his relations with the cryptocurrency exchange. Following the principle that possible breaches of banking and financial laws, such as the allowance of payment processing in favor of unregulated legal entity, shall be observed and established by the competent authorities, I hereby report alleged financial fraud.
This situation has destroyed the potential of the company and my personal finances. The pain and suffering I have incurred due to these actions include: destruction of my personal credit, repossession of the company vehicle, eviction from my residence and subsequent homelessness and inability to provide health care of myself or my pet.
Herewith I kindly request:
I am searching for an attorney that can complete the following:
  1. File a lawsuit against the brokers that house the perpetrators e-wallet and where the virtual currency was transferred into. To elaborate: The prior twelve (12) months, I have been collaborating with a company based out of Europe that was tasked with informing all stakeholders and regulators of the issues I have been facing and attempt to make recovery of the funds ( As of today, we have informed the authorities and the exchanges where the currencies were purchased (Paxful, LocalBitcoins, Bitbase, Coinbase) and have conducted an online trace of where the funds were transferred into using state-of-the-art cryptocurrency technology (Cyphertrace). There are two (2) exchanges that have processed the transactions and have violated domestic and international banking laws by not conducting proper due-diligence on both sides of the transactions: one located here in the United States (Paxful, Delaware) and the other located in Singapore (Luno). I have informed both entities of the illegal activities and at this moment, they are conducting internal investigations to protect their interests and contain liability. According to email documentation, they have traced the perpetrators and flagged their accounts to hopefully prevent another victim.
  2. Obtain the results of the subpoena and provide me additional representation in filing a lawsuit in an attempt to recover the stolen funds and provide justice for these illegal acts. This item may also involve filing a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchanges that failed to conduct proper investigations on both sides of the transaction to ascertain that the money was not going to fund terrorism, money-laundering, racketeering, trafficking or other illegal activities. These exchanges are now liable for violating both domestic and international law. They have failed to act in a manner consistent with being a "good banker”.
I have exhaustive documentation that is located in 3 separate links ( [1], [2], [3]) and organized in a manner to support my case. I seek representation to assist me in "digging myself out of the hole that I have been thrown into". I am hoping that someone out there can assist me in removing the "poison" from the "bite" that i received from these illegal actions and help me find justice, not only for myself but for the entire system which could cause societal crash and us into an new age of darkness and rampant avarice.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Gabriel Acosta
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RiB Newsletter #13 – Stuck inside, hacking away

It was another month in 2020, like previous months in 2020. Stuck inside, hacking away.
We don’t see a consistent blockchain Rust theme to highlight this month, but interesting new Rust crypto and blockchain projects continue to be launched. They are noted in the “Interesting Things” section.
Oasis launched what will probably become their mainnet. Congrats to them!
Ethereum 2 keeps creeping closer, and it looks like Lighthouse, in Rust, might be the fastest implementation.
The Holochain team asked that we highlight the Holochain DevCamp, running until August 27th. Now is your opportunity to learn more about the project. There are a number of other online blockchain hackathons going on this summer, noted in our “Events” section. Could be a good way to spend time this summer instead of going to the beach.
Well, anyway, keep on hacking.


This edition of RiB was produced with contributions from Darosior, James Waugh, Ken Shamir, Paulii Good, Taylor Lee, Brian Anderson, and Aimee Zhu. Thank you for your help!
RiB needs help to keep up with Rust blockchain projects. If you follow a particular project, or otherwise find information that is beneficial to the Rust & blockchain community, please contribute to the next issue. Either submit a PR to the #14 draft, or Tweet @rust_blockchain.

Project Spotlight

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is…
electrs is a server for the Electrum Bitcoin wallet, written in Rust. Electrum is a light wallet that needs to connect to a server to transact with the Bitcoin network. Although there are public Electrum servers, and they are safe to transact with, they can deanonymize users, so it might be prudent to run one’s own Electrum server, like electrs , or bwt (also written in Rust).
As mentioned recently in a blog post, Blockstream, one of the primary Bitcoin developers, uses electrs in its block explorer, esplora, which is live at

Interesting Things


Blog Posts




Read more:
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I’m sure it’s a scam but what are your thoughts?

I’m pretty sure it’s a scam
The first post I read as soon as I clicked on this page is very similar to my experience but imma go ahead and share it.
Back story, I’m a 19 year old, broke university student looking for a job. I’ve applied to so many but I live in Toronto and chances of me getting those jobs are slim to none.
A month ago, I applied to some data clerk jobs, but I forgot the names of the companies I applied to. A few days past after I applied and someone reached out to me, saying that they liked my resume and want me to work for them. The company itself is legit but all the forms I got from this person are all in Google Docs.They included amounts they would pay per week if you’re FT or PT. The email stated;
XXX is glad to welcome you. From petroleum chains to multi-site operators and tunnels to in-bay automatics, XXX helps operators to securely manage their businesses from the internet, adding new memberships easily, managing car wash locations remotely, and using valuable data about users to make better decisions. We are looking for a new teammate. What we can offer you: • Full Benefits (Health, Dental, Vision Insurance, Car Allowance) • Excellent opportunities to work anywhere in Canada • Professional training, mentoring and job coaching • Salary for Full time 40 hours/week (1470 CAD), Part time 20 hours/week (735 CAD) This is an online position and you do not need to change your place of residence. We work your time. About you: • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English) • Strong interpersonal and computer skills • Exceptional customer service orientation • Ability to pay close attention to detail and accuracy • Strong organizational and Microsoft Office skills • Place of residence Canada If interested, kindly indicate your interest by replying this email.
So I’m 100% sure it’s a scam but a friend of mine told me to go through with it thinking it might something else. I did it only because I’m currently moving cities and the address that would be listed on the form would not be registered to my name. The email below states what I’m supposed to do for the job;
Dear XoXo, Congratulations! You are accepted to XXX for the trial period. We have chosen you out of a certain number of candidates for this position, and we hope that you will not let us down. You are familiar with our responsibilities and we are ready to get to work. You should check your e-mail constantly and respond to my messages quickly.Just keep your cell phone available to get a call from us always.
XXX provides clients’ needs with staffing and human resources services. Our customer service managers perform the full preparation of the client. Your task is to ensure the full sale of services to customers. Your duties will be to accept payments for the company's facilities, which we provide to our customers. Our customers pay for our services using electronic Bitcoin currency. Payments made in this system cannot be canceled. The coins themselves cannot be forged, copied or held twice. Such capabilities ensure the integrity of the entire system. Our company has become one of the first among companies of this scale, who preferred to use the cryptic currency to pay for services. The Bitcoin currency goes the same way as PayPal before, and has already become a part of modern life. The purpose of using Bitcoin is to maximize customers’ satisfaction with minimal financial costs - our customers no longer pay large commissions and fees to a bank, which allows our customers to save our company and earn money.
In the trial period, there are several stages. At the first stage, you have to fulfill the task of accepting payment for the services provided by our company (this is the replenishment of the Bitcoin corporate wallet). In the second stage, you will maintain long-term growth and keep the customer in sight. You will have to provide our clients with any kind of our services, selling and informing them about the advantages of our services. You will have access to your online account and all instructions for use. I will train you gradually. For the trial period, you will have 3-4 clients. To get started with Bitcoin, you need to fill out your wallet. Our company will transfer money through the Interac system. There is no fee to receive Bitcoins, and many wallets let you control how large a fee to pay when spending. Most wallets have reasonable default fees, and higher fees can encourage faster confirmation of your transactions. After receiving electronic transfer, you will have to fill up your Bitcoin wallet. We will send you 1-3 transactions through the Interac system. You must ensure all necessary tasks for the client. You should find an individual approach to each customer. You should offer services and products to them.
In other words, your position requires you to do everything possible to make client happy. For the future, he will work with us and recommend our company to others. You need to understand your customer, how to do it: Providing a high level customer care often requires you to find out what your customers want. Once you have identified your most valuable customers or best potential customers, You can target your highest levels of customer care towards them.
It may sound hard, and sometimes it is not clear to you. Do not worry; I'll be in charge of You throughout the 10 days. I will give the detailed instructions gradually. So, after the trial 10 days, You will learn this profession in case you will work hard.
! You must fill out a form for transfer of payments through the Interac system. After that, I will send Bitcoin wallet to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.
Sorry for the long post. At first, when reading this what I’m supposed to do, it sounds legit and all, but when i think about the little details, something is fishy
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PLAY GOC NETWORK - A Platform You Can Believe In

What's up everyone? Frost here, an admin from PLAY GOC NETWORK.
If you haven't heard of us already, you'd be happy to learn about our cryptocurrency casino. You can start trading and start playing here at PLAY GOC NETWORK with little to no effort. I'd say the most important fact about the platform is the dedicated developeadmin team at your disposal 24/7. Should you ever have an issue with depositing and withdrawing, you will have someone available to aid your issues whenever you need.
Our online games require no personal information to play and our casino players are some of the friendliest I've ever met. In the online gambling space there are a wide range of cryptocurrency casinos to choose from. With PLAY GOC NETWORK you will be guaranteed safety, security, and a provably fair algorithm which is rivaled by few others and surpassed by none. We also have a whitepaper and updates section which are kept up to date regularly.
Currently, our casino players are looking forward to our development and integration of many new digital currencies. The primary digital currency, amongst others so many are looking forward to, is Bitcoin (BTC). The reasoning behind this is due to the volatility and mass usage of the asset. Soon, casino players will be able to create bitcoin wallets and play with bitcoin on our platform. Bitcoin gambling has been a widely used method in the online gambling space for the last few years. Being able to accept bitcoin on the platform will absolutely be a milestone for us. Other notables on the list for immediate addition and integration to the platform include EOS and ETH. Our developers are working around the clock to deliver this in a timely manner while also maintaining the integrity and security of the site. Having casino games with the capability for bitcoin transactions will be a game changer for the gaming, and the market.
Whether playing a slots game, blackjack, baccarat, dice, or testing your luck on our Texas Hold'em platform, gambling with crypto currency is our bread and butter. In the future we will possess a capability for sports betting, player progression, and other ways to realize gains with real money. With crypto currency as a whole, it is so much easier to gamble online without using a credit card and racking up their pesky fees.
On to the newest updates for PLAY GOC NETWORK. We've recently brought forth our rank progression on the Texas Hold'em platform and have enabled a new way for casino players to earn money back with their rake inputs. Over time a player's rake will add up and add to their level for increased rake-back rewards. This is a very important aspect of the poker platform because regulars to the platform will be rewarded for their dedication. Many forget there is also a referral bonus available as well. When combined, and average casino player can make some serious money on our poker platform. What other cryptocurrency casino out there allows for players to get so much back for their time?
Other recently updated aspects to the site include support for other languages including Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The site has also been available in Chinese for some time now. With this adaptation, the site is now opened up to many other demographics and regions with ease of access. If you (the reader, player, or investor) can name another cryptocurrency casino which is so dedicated to their player base please let me know.
For this next topic of focus, I genuinely don't see another cryptocurrency casino putting in half the effort we do. Let's talk social media. Currently, PLAY GOC NETWORK has created a social media presence on 10+ platforms. Our primary social media platforms which net the majority of our presence would be Twitter and YouTube. We host contests and giveaways on Twitter as well as spread our influence throughout. It is a hub for new ideas and allows our cryptocurrency casino to truly grow and spread its influence. As for YouTube, it takes every aspect of our online casino and breaks it down to a manner that even the newest of crypto currency users can understand. Tutorials, Live Giveaways, and Live Contests. They all are culminated into our YouTube channel and are enjoyed by the entirety of our wonderful player base.
If social media isn't really your thing and you'd like to see all current information in a one-stop-shop manner, you can join our telegram channel for the most current and up to date info. Telegram is our literal hub of information dissemination and is enjoyed by nearly all of our members. We have a primary community telegram channel for the masses to discuss ideas, talk about their awesome winnings, or simply just come to blow off steam at the end of a long day. We also have a debugging channel which is solely for members experiencing bugs on site. Developer support is conducted quickly and funds are always returned to members experiencing a bug. At PLAY GOC NETWORK we are truly a family and the regulars here at our crypto currency casino know that to be true. Why else would they come day in and day out to have normal conversations relating to their everyday lives?
That brings me to my next and final item to talk about. We are not just a cryptocurrency casino. We are a community, and so far in my experience this community acts like a family through thick and thin. There will be good days and bad days for all of us, and just like a real family we can depend on each other. Our community telegram if often filled with talk of prices and games, but what I'm particularly proud of is the genuine respect we have for one another and the positive vibe we bring forth day in and day out. It's one of the most beautiful parts of being in the crypto space. Often times there will be shady characters with malicious behavior, but so far in our development there hasn't been much of that at all. We truly have a growing family here at PLAY GOC NETWORK and if that's not beautiful then I don't know what is.
As always, PLAY within your limits PLAYers.
Frost out.
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The best crypto and blockchain podcasts of 2019

For anyone who it interested in learning more about investing, crypto, finance, blockchain, and entrepreneurship can checkout this list I made of the top podcasts to follow in 2019 with some selected episodes chosen from each one:

Off The Chain With Anthony Pompliano
Host Anthony Pompliano talks to some of the most respected names in crypto and Wall Street to find out how intelligent investors from the new and old financial system are thinking about digital assets.
Top Episodes:
CZ, Founder and CEO of Binance: Binance and the Future of Global Crypto Regulation
Murad Mahmudov: The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument
Travis Kling: The Secrets of A Crypto Trader

Unchained: Your No-Hype Resource for All Things Crypto
This weekly, hour-long podcast with host Laura Shin dives deep into the people building the decentralized internet, the details of this technology that could underpin our future, and some of the thorniest topics in crypto, such as regulation, security and privacy.
Top Episodes:
Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum, On The Big Guy vs. The Little Guy
Naval Ravikant On How Crypto Is Squeezing VCs, Hindering Regulators, and Bringing Users Choice
Blockchain 101 with Andreas Antonoloulos

What Grinds My Gears
From Meltem Demirors and Jill Carlson, What Grinds My Gears is a podcast about the bizarre and buzzworthy happenings in the world of cryptocurrency. Each week, they delve into one key theme in crypto, and examine this theme through a broader financial, political, and cultural lens to learn from the past, understand the present, and explore the future.
Top Episodes:
An Unfetted Orgy Of Capitalism
It’s All About The DEX, Baby!
Tarred & Tethered

What Bitcoin Did
Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, a new class of Crypto assets built using the innovative design of the blockchain is disrupting technology and financial markets. In this podcast you will hear host Peter McCormack speak with crypto traders, miners, venture capitalist, investors, technical developers, CEOs, journalist and other people driving forward the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Link To Listen
Top Episodes:
Andreas Antonopoulos: What Happens When Bitcoin Takes Over?
Peter Van Valkenburg on Lightning & The Law
Tuur Demeester on Why Bitcoin Is In Heavy Accumulation

Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem
Host Charlie Shrem dives deep into the lives and personal histories of some of crypto’s most influential leaders. A focus on personal stories weaves together a nuanced, untold narrative of how the crypto movement truly came to be.
Top Episodes:
J. Maurice “Wiz” — The Real Story of Mt. Gox & How to Become a Self-Sovereign Bitcoin Miner
Arianna Simpson — Why Founders Shouldn’t Think About an Exit & Becoming BitGo’s 3rd Employee
Steven Nerayoff — Crypto as a Disruptive Technology & Governments Debasing Their Own Currencies

Tales From The Crypt
Tales from the Crypt is a podcast hosted by Marty Bent about Bitcoin. Join Marty, Editor in Chief of “the best newsletter in crypto”, as he sits down to discuss Bitcoin with interesting people.
Top Episodes:
Tales from the Crypt: Pierre Rochard Pt. I
Tales from the Crypt #3: Santiago Siri
Tales from the Crypt Ep1: The History of Bitcoin Pt. 1

The Token Daily with Soona Amhaz
Host soona amhaz sits down with the movers and shakers of the crypto industry to discuss the big ideas they spend their days thinking about. Soona and her guests examine everything from industry trends, to what books they’re reading, to human psychology and investing.
Top Episodes:
Taylor Pearson, Author of The End of Jobs: Markets Are Eating the World
Dani Grant, Analyst at Union Square Ventures: The VC Outlook on Crypto’s Trends and Future
Tony Sheng, Independent Analyst: A Writer’s Take on Bitcoin Lore

The Flippening
Flippening is for cryptocurrency investors. Each week host Clay Collins discusses the cryptocurrency economy, new investment strategies for maximizing returns, and stories from the front lines of financial disruption. Flippening is for a new class of investors that were not part of the financial services world before bitcoin, but got into the finance because of their passion for cryptoassets, blockchain, altcoins, and distributed ledger technology.
Top Episodes:
Strategies for Accumulating BTC (Instead of USD) w/ Tuur Demeester from Adamant Capital
The Economics of Cryptoasset Markets w/ Professor Stephen McKeon
Bootstrapping A Crypto Nation State From Scratch, w/ Eric Meltzer of INBlockchain

The Chain Reaction Podcast
Host Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Digital converses with the top names in crypto and blockchain.
Top Episodes:
ConsenSys’ Joe Lubin: Ethereum’s Competition Isn’t Even Close
Delphi Digital’s March Analyst Call — Ethereum, Enjin and Our Short Term Bitcoin Outlook
Vision Hill Group’s Scott Army: Digital Asset Management of the Future

a16z Podcast
The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future — especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This podcast is produced by Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm.
Top Episodes:
What Time Is It? From Technical to Product to Sales CEO
Principles and Algorithms for Work and Life
Five Open Problems Toward Building a Blockchain Computer

Unconfirmed: Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto
Events in crypto take place at warp speed. This weekly crypto podcast reveals how the marquee names in crypto are reacting to the week’s top headlines. With host Laura Shin, the guests also discuss what they’re thinking about these days and reveal what they believe is on the horizon in crypto. Disclosure: Laura is a nocoiner.
Top Episodes:
To the Moon and Back With Polychain’s Olaf Carlson-Wee
Don Wilson of DRW Holdings on What’s Been Driving 2018’s Crypto Downturn
Hu Liang of Omniex on What Institutional Players Are Planning to Do in Crypto

The Unhashed Podcast
Unhashed breaks down the latest in Bitcoin news and developments and puts them into terms everyone can understand. Expect to be both entertained and educated about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. How do hardware wallets work and do they really keep you safe? Which crypto exchanges pose the greatest risk to the bitcoin ecosystem? Does Litecoin help or hinder bitcoin development? Expect the answers to these and many other questions from the Unhashed professionals offering different perspectives to all the blockchain issues you care about!
Top Episodes:
The Very Rich, Very Patient Binance Hacker
Bitcoin Goes High Fidelity
Initiating Unhash

The Scoop
The Block’s team, led by Frank Chaparro, draw out the freshest and deepest insights about digital assets from traditional Wall Street, crypto native, Fortune 500 and many other crypto ecosystem leaders. It’s light, fun and informative brain food!
Top Episodes:
A Conversation with Mark Yusko, CEO and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management
A Conversation with Stephen Palley, Partner at Anderson Kill
A Conversation with Emilie Choi, VP Business and Data, Coinbase

Base Layer
Base Layer with host David Nage will be providing insights from founders and investors in the base layer of cryptoassets. Simplifying complex projects and the technology being developed, from interoperability to relayers and more — who is building the future, why are they and how are they doing it.
Top Episodes:
Base Layer Episode 028 — Zaki Manian (SkuChain, Cosmos, Tendermint)
Base Layer Episode 026 — Diogo Monica (Co — Founder, Anchorage)
Base Layer Episode 032 — Alexander Skidanov (NEAR)

Blockchain Innovation: Interviewing The Brightest Minds In Blockchain
Blockchain Innovation is where host Frederick Munawa interviews the brightest minds in Blockchain and cryptocurrency — entrepreneurs, executives, and top academics — to discuss present and future applications of Blockchain Technology. Why? To determine how Blockchain can be used to increase profits, cut costs, and disrupt traditional industries and business models — so you can borrow their strategies, tools, and tactics for your own success. Join Frederick every Tuesday to learn how the brightest minds in Blockchain are pushing the envelope with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and token sales, public blockchains, private blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, smart contracts, and much more.
Top Episodes:
Why Bitcoin Should Hard Fork With Roger Ver
How Blockchain Assets Are Changing The World With Erik Voorhees
Blockchain Meets Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Ben Goertzel

Blockchain Insider
Blockchain Insider, hosted by Simon Taylor and Colin Platt is a dedicated podcast specializing in Bitcoin, Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Simon and Colin break down the week’s news with expertise and enthusiasm for the blockchain and digital currency sector. Since the price of Bitcoin has rocketed, and Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have become household names, Blockchain Insider has charted their rise in a way that’s accessible to new listeners.
Top Episodes:
Ep. 42. Santander Makes Ripples and Charles Hoskinson Shares His Vision of Cardano
Ep. 27. XRP’s Ripple effect and Blockchain use cases
Ep. 43. Sexism in Crypto, Pornhub takes Verge, and Binance Denies the Dollar

Let’s Talk Crypto
Have you ever heard of digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and buzzwords like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining? Don’t know what it all means or how to get started? Let’s Talk Crypto with Barry Moore and Tom Galeski breaks it all down in easy to understand terms and helps you “learn and earn” in the age of cryptocurrencies.
Top Episodes:
006: Altcoins
017: Fiat & Crypto
010: Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake

Blockchain 2025
Blockchain is a technology that will disrupt nearly every industry. Host Matt Aaron and Blake Moore explore one industry in every episode. How will blockchain change art, music, or online advertising? What projects are already underway? Listen & find out.
Top Episodes:
Online Ads — Publishers and Advertisers vs. Centralized Platforms
Music Biz — Can Artists Have More Money + Freedom?
Crypto Debit Cards — A Bridge to the Future? TenX, Monaco, Comit

IBM Blockchain Pulse
Host and blockchain-evangelist Matt Hooper engages with the planet’s most dynamic blockchain thought-leaders, explorers and innovators to discover the countless new ways blockchain is leaping from theory to reality: From entertainment to identity, from payments to secure supply-chain transparency.
Top Episodes:
Making Cross-Border Payments Seamless — IBM Blockchain and Stellar’s Collaboration That is Bringing Commercial Payments to the Financial World
A Blockchain Origin Story and Enabling Complete Ownership With Blockchain
The Future of Protecting Your Wallet and Identity: Blockchain Identity and Digital Credentials, with Adam Gunther and Drummond Reed

Messari’s Unqualified Opinions
Unqualified Opinions is a podcast hosted by Messari’s CEO Ryan Selkis featuring candid, fast-paced interviews with crypto’s top builders and investors.
Top Episodes:
Bill Barhydt, CEO & Founder of Abra
Anthony Pompliano, Founder at Morgan Creek Digital
Unlock Protocol CEO Julien Genestoux
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Decred Journal – August 2018

Note: you can read this on GitHub (link), Medium (link) or old Reddit (link) to see all the links.


dcrd: Version 1.3.0 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is out! The main features of this release are significant performance improvements, including some that benefit SPV clients. Full release notes and downloads are on GitHub.
The default minimum transaction fee rate was reduced from 0.001 to 0.0001 DCkB. Do not try to send such small fee transactions just yet, until the majority of the network upgrades.
Release process was changed to use release branches and bump version on the master branch at the beginning of a release cycle. Discussed in this chat.
The codebase is ready for the new Go 1.11 version. Migration to vgo module system is complete and the 1.4.0 release will be built using modules. The list of versioned modules and a hierarchy diagram are available here.
The testnet was reset and bumped to version 3.
Comments are welcome for the proposal to implement smart fee estimation, which is important for Lightning Network.
@matheusd recorded a code review video for new Decred developers that explains how tickets are selected for voting.
dcrwallet: Version 1.3.0 RC1 features new SPV sync mode, new ticket buyer, new APIs for Decrediton and a host of bug fixes. On the dev side, dcrwallet also migrated to the new module system.
Decrediton: Version 1.3.0 RC1 adds the new SPV sync mode that syncs roughly 5x faster. The feature is off by default while it receives more testing from experienced users. Other notable changes include a design polish and experimental Politeia integration.
Politeia: Proposal editing is being developed and has a short demo. This will allow proposal owners to edit their proposal in response to community feedback before voting begins. The challenges associated with this feature relate to updating censorship tokens and maintaining a clear history of which version comments were made on. @fernandoabolafio produced this architecture diagram which may be of interest to developers.
@degeri joined to perform security testing of Politeia and found several issues.
dcrdata: mainnet explorer upgraded to v2.1 with several new features. For users: credit/debit tx filter on address page, showing miner fees on coinbase transaction page, estimate yearly ticket rewards on main page, cool new hamburger menu and keyboard navigation. For developers: new chain parameters page, experimental Insight API support, endpoints for coin supply and block rewards, testnet3 support. Lots of minor API changes and frontend tweaks, many bug fixes and robustness improvements.
The upcoming v3.0 entered beta and is deployed on Check out the new charts page. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Finally, the development version v3.1.0-pre is on
Android: updated to be compatible with the latest SPV code and is syncing, several performance issues are worked on. Details were posted in chat. Alpha testing has started, to participate please join #dev and ask for the APK.
iOS: backend is mostly complete, as well as the front end. Support for devices with smaller screens was improved. What works now: creating and recovering wallets, listing of transactions, receiving DCR, displaying and scanning QR codes, browsing account information, SPV connection to peers, downloading headers. Some bugs need fixing before making testable builds.
Ticket splitting: v0.6.0 beta released with improved fee calculation and multiple bug fixes.
docs: introduced new Governance section that grouped some old articles as well as the new Politeia page.
@Richard-Red created a concept repository sandbox with policy documents, to illustrate the kind of policies that could be approved and amended by Politeia proposals. 8 contributors added and 4 removed, including 2 advisors (discussion here). is a brand new website that shows the most accurate DCR market data. Clean design, mobile friendly, no javascript required.
Dev activity stats for August: 239 active PRs, 219 commits, 25k added and 11k deleted lines spread across 8 repositories. Contributions came from 2-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: went from 54 to 76 PH/s, the low was 50 and the new all-time high is 100 PH/s. BeePool share rose to ~50% while F2Pool shrank to 30%, followed by at 5% and Luxor at 3%.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 95.6 DCR (+3.0) as of Sep 3. During the month, ticket price fluctuated between a low of 92.2 and high of 100.5 DCR. Locked DCR represented between 3.8 and 3.9 million or 46.3-46.9% of the supply.
Nodes: there are 217 public listening and 281 normal nodes per Version distribution: 2% at v1.4.0(pre) (dev builds), 5% on v1.3.0 (RC1), 62% on v1.2.0 (-5%), 22% on v1.1.2 (-2%), 6% on v1.1.0 (-1%). Almost 69% of nodes are v.1.2.0 and higher and support client filters. Data snapshot of Aug 31.


Obelisk posted 3 email updates in August. DCR1 units are reportedly shipping with 1 TH/s hashrate and will be upgraded with firmware to 1.5 TH/s. Batch 1 customers will receive compensation for missed shipment dates, but only after Batch 5 ships. Batch 2-5 customers will be receiving the updated slim design.
Innosilicon announced the new D9+ DecredMaster: 2.8 TH/s at 1,230 W priced $1,499. Specified shipping date was Aug 10-15.
FFMiner DS19 claims 3.1 TH/s for Blake256R14 at 680 W and simultaneously 1.55 TH/s for Blake2B at 410 W, the price is $1,299. Shipping Aug 20-25.
Another newly noticed miner offer is this unit that does 46 TH/s at 2,150 W at the price of $4,720. It is shipping Nov 2018 and the stats look very close to Pangolin Whatsminer DCR (which has now a page on asicminervalue).

Integrations joined the list of stakepools for a total of 16.
Australian CoinTree added DCR trading. The platform supports fiat, there are some limitations during the upgrade to a new system but also no fees in the "Early access mode". On a related note, CoinTree is working on a feature to pay household bills with cryptocurrencies it supports.
Three new OTC desks were added to exchanges page at
Two mobile wallets integrated Decred:
Reminder: do your best to understand the security and privacy model before using any wallet software. Points to consider: who controls the seed, does the wallet talk to the nodes directly or via middlemen, is it open source or not?




Targeted advertising report for August was posted by @timhebel. Facebook appeal is pending, some Google and Twitter campaigns were paused and some updated. Read more here.
Contribution to the @decredproject Twitter account has evolved over the past few months. A #twitter_ops channel is being used on Matrix to collaboratively draft and execute project account tweets (including retweets). Anyone with an interest in contributing to the Twitter account can ask for an invitation to the channel and can start contributing content and ideas there for evaluation by the Twitter group. As a result, no minority or unilateral veto over tweets is possible. (from GitHub)


For those willing to help with the events:
BAB: Hey all, we are gearing up for conference season. I have a list of places we hope to attend but need to know who besides @joshuam and @Haon are willing to do public speaking, willing to work booths, or help out at them? You will need to be well versed on not just what is Decred, but the history of Decred etc... DM me if you are interested. (#event_planning)
The Decred project is looking for ambassadors. If you are looking for a fun cryptocurrency to get involved in send me a DM or come talk to me on Decred slack. (@marco_peereboom, longer version here)


Decred Assembly episode 21 is available. @jy-p and lead dcrwallet developer @jrick discussed SPV from Satoshi's whitepaper, how it can be improved upon and what's coming in Decred.
Decred Assembly episodes 1-21 are available in audio only format here.
New instructional articles on Decrediton setup, Deleting the wallet, Installing Go, Installing dcrd, dcrd as a Linux service. Available in both English and Portuguese.
Decred scored #32 in the August issue of Chinese CCID ratings. The evaluation model was explained in this interview.
Satis Group rated Decred highly in their cryptoasset valuation research report (PDF). This was featured by several large media outlets, but some did not link to or omitted Decred entirely, citing low market cap.
Featured articles:

Community Discussions

Community stats:
Comm systems news:
After another debate about chat systems more people began testing and using Matrix, leading to some gardening on that platform:
Reddit: substantive discussion about Decred cons; ecosystem fund; a thread about voter engagement, Politeia UX and trolling; idea of a social media system for Decred by @michae2xl; how profitable is the Obelisk DCR1.
Chats: cross-chain trading via LN; plans for contractor management system, lower-level decision making and contractor privacy vs transparency for stakeholders; measuring dev activity; what if the network stalls, multiple implementations of Decred for more resilience, long term vision behind those extensive tests and accurate comments in the codebase; ideas for process for policy documents, hosting them in Pi and approving with ticket voting; about SPV wallet disk size, how compact filters work; odds of a wallet fetching a wrong block in SPV; new module system in Go; security of allowing Android app backups; why PoW algo change proposal must be specified in great detail; thoughts about NIPoPoWs and SPV; prerequisites for shipping SPV by default (continued); Decred vs Dash treasury and marketing expenses, spending other people's money; why Decred should not invade a country, DAO and nation states, entangling with nation state is poor resource allocation; how winning tickets are determined and attack vectors; Politeia proposal moderation, contractor clearance, the scale of proposals and decision delegation, initial Politeia vote to approve Politeia itself; chat systems, Matrix/Slack/Discord/RocketChat/Keybase (continued); overview of Korean exchanges; no breaking changes in vgo; why project fund burn rate must keep low; asymptotic behavior of Decred and other ccs, tail emission; count of full nodes and incentives to run them; Politeia proposal translations and multilingual environment.
An unusual event was the chat about double negatives and other oddities in languages in #trading.


DCR started the month at USD 56 / BTC 0.0073 and had a two week decline. On Aug 14 the whole market took a huge drop and briefly went below USD 200 billion. Bitcoin went below USD 6,000 and top 100 cryptos lost 5-30%. The lowest point coincided with Bitcoin dominance peak at 54.5%. On that day Decred dived -17% and reached the bottom of USD 32 / BTC 0.00537. Since then it went sideways in the USD 35-45 / BTC 0.0054-0.0064 range. Around Aug 24, Huobi showed DCR trading volume above USD 5M and this coincided with a minor recovery.
@ImacallyouJawdy posted some creative analysis based on ticket data.

Relevant External

StopAndDecrypt published an extensive article "ASIC Resistance is Nothing but a Blockchain Buzzword" that is much in line with Decred's stance on ASICs.
The ongoing debates about the possible Sia fork yet again demonstrate the importance of a robust dispute resolution mechanism. Also, we are lucky to have the treasury.
Mark B Lundeberg, who found a vulnerability in atomicswap earlier, published a concept of more private peer-to-peer atomic swaps. (missed in July issue)
Medium took a cautious stance on cryptocurrencies and triggered at least one project to migrate to Ghost (that same project previously migrated away from Slack).
Regulation: Vietnam bans mining equipment imports, China halts crypto events and tightens control of crypto chat groups.
Reddit was hacked by intercepting 2FA codes sent via SMS. The announcement explains the impact. Yet another data breach suggests to think twice before sharing any data with any company and shift to more secure authentication systems.
Intel and x86 dumpsterfire keeps burning brighter. Seek more secure hardware and operating systems for your coins.
Finally, unrelated to Decred but good for a laugh:

About This Issue

This is the 5th issue of Decred Journal. It is mirrored on GitHub, Medium and Reddit. Past issues are available here.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room on Matrix or Slack.
Contributions are welcome too. Some areas are collecting content, pre-release review or translations to other languages. Check out @Richard-Red's guide how to contribute to Decred using GitHub without writing code.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Haon, jazzah, Richard-Red and thedecreddigest.
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07-24 15:13 - 'Earn daily 1 BTC, It's working Smartphone & PC' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/maikal345 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 5-15min

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Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Successful partnership between Lunes and Omnescoin

Successful partnership between Lunes and Omnescoin

Lunes brings more news to everyone who invests in cryptocurrencies and our community. We have signed a partnership with Omnescoin, a Brazilian company based in Pará, which also offers blockchain solutions for its clients. Thus, joining forces, the commercialization of the digital coins of the two platforms will become much easier and safer.
This new partnership will allow Omnes to be found on Luned platform and vice versa. All this because our goal is always to offer the best options and resources for those who believe in both platforms.
For the CEO and founder of Omnescoin, Erysson Souza, the partnership will only help companies and users of cryptocurrencies. “The coin partnership between Omnes and Lunes, will make the services of both platforms more accessible to everyone.” Thus, the partnership only has to strengthen the project of the two companies, “said the founder of Omnes. Lucas Magno, the CEO of Lunes believes that this union will bring more content and investment to Lunes customers: “Both Lunes and Omnes are looking to grow and provide quality services, with what we already have, allied with the vision of the future of the Omnes team, I see that we will be able to offer an increasingly diversified service to users”, says Lucas. Check out the services offered on both platforms: OMNES SERVICES Omnes Token 1 billion of OMNES tokens available in the market. With social responsibility in mind, 10% of this total will go to community projects that use the OMNES currency and the other 15% will be donated to institutions. Omnes Course The Omnes Course offers quality courses to all its users. They are excellent contents and with certificates. Omnes Wallet The Omnes Wallet app, the coin wallet, is now available in the Play Store. Omnes News The Omnes News delivers quality news to all its users. They are content aimed at the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, digital investments and events. Omnes Food The Omnes Food will bring the convenience and convenience to all customers to order the favorite food and pay with crypto-coins. Omnes Store The OMNES Store will be developed for customers to make purchases through various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, OMNES, Lunes and Litecoin. Omnes Pay It will offer to the commercial establishments another option of payment, in this case, the digital currency. Omnes Card The card can be reloaded at any time with cryptocurrencies. The deadline to complete the recharge may take a few hours and have all the benefits the prepaid card offers. LUNES SERVICES Lunes Wallet The practicality of an internet banking, with the freedom of the cryptocurrencies and the security of the blockchain. In the multiservices Lunes wallet we have 9 listed cryptocurrencies that you can use. See what services are currently available: Coin storage Keep in the wallet and make transfers of several currencies, among them: Bitcoin, Lunes, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monacoin, Namecoin, Tether and soon to Omnescoin.
Recharge your cell phone Put credits on your cell phone in a simple and practical way using your cryptocurrencies direct in your wallet. Valid for the main operators of the country. Pay bills Want to pay your bills and shop online with cryptos? Now you can! Pay your bills with Lunes using the coins in your wallet. Purchase of Cryptocurrencies Increase your portfolio by purchasing fractions of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Lunes directly in your wallet. Leasing Leave your Lunes on Leasing and contribute to validation of transactions on the network. Thus, your Lunes yield and you receive a reward to part of the fees. Integrated P2P Trade your currencies directly with other users in the P2P option that is integrated in the Lunes wallet. Tell the amount you are selling, what the payment method is, and wait for an offer on your ad to negotiate. Check out more about the Omnescoin project by visiting the official channels: Facebook: Instagram: Telegram:
Want to stay on the news of Lunes? So be sure to follow our official sources on the Social media:
Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Telegram News: Telegram Português: Telegram Inglês: Telegram Espanhol: Telegram Francês: Discord:
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List of all 43 Bitcoin subreddits

Subscriber counts as of 2013-04-02. Let me know if I missed any.
edit: now at 65
Link Description Subscribers
All Combined All subreddits in this table combined
Bitcoin Main subreddit 24,090
A4BTC Ask a question and send a Bitcoin tip to the best answerer 9
BTCBase a database of online and storefront merchants who accept bitcoin 55
Beg Ask for Bitcoin 9
Beginners Help & Questions 45
Bitcoin Magazine all topics related to Bitcoin Magazine 383
Bitcoins General discussion (deprecated) 82
Bums Ask for Bitcoin 7
Business using Bitcoin as a tool for business 15
Charity promoting charities that accept Bitcoin 13
Economics content and level-headed, empirical discussion of Bitcoin's economic and financial issues 17
Evangelism Spreading the word about Bitcoin 70
Exchange Exchange Bitcoin for other currencies 4
Forum General discussion 100
Games4Bitcoins Buy and sell games 74
GetRichQuick Ideas for fast money with Bitcoin 1
Help Help & Questions 138
Ideas short, detailed ideas of Bitcoin-related open source or commercial projects 99
Investing Bitcoin as an investment 47
Jobs4Bitcoins Bitcoin job board 416
JusttheBitcoinTip Suggest BestOf Bitcoin comments for others to tip 47
Market Buy and sell anything with Bitcoin 1,658
Mining Bitcoin mining discussion 1,957
MtGox Mt.Gox exchange 595
MTRed MTRed mining pool discussion 1,099
Mutualists Bitcoin in a Mutualist society 25
News General Bitcoin news 22
Silkroad Bitcoin-only black market 11,152
Speculation Speculative investing in Bitcoin 82
SRS Bitcoin conversation, more heavily moderated 12
Technical Questions about Bitcoin's underlying architecture 1
Tip Bitcoin Tip Bot 1,051
Transparency Exploring Bitcoin's early adopters' windfall 3
TreasureHunt Bitcoin treasure hunts 10
UseBitcoin Discover services and online stores that accept bitcoin 45
Wallet Bitcoin wallets 170
Region/Country hattip
Jerk / Humor
Other cryptocurrencies
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How to mine Protoshares on 10 CPUs for free for 3 days.

*You will need a valid credit or debt card for this. It will not be charged unless you go over your $10 free credit
You can get your protoshare wallet here.
  1. Make an account at
  1. Use promocode : DIVEIN10 for $10 credit
  2. Created a 2 CPU droplet for $20 per month that is running Debian 7.0 x64.
  3. Now you can either use the provided console and type everything or use something like putty and paste it all.
  4. Username is root and password was emailed to you. The password doesn't show as it is typed so hit enter when done.
  5. Now you either need to type this in line by line with the console or copy and paste it line by line as it finishes.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install yasm -y git make g++ build-essential libminiupnpc-dev
sudo apt-get install -y libboost-all-dev libdb++-dev libgmp-dev libssl-dev dos2unix
git clone
cd ~/ptsminesrc
make -f makefile.unix
  1. Now the miner should have started. Go to later to check earnings.
  2. Now since mining gets more difficult with time your best option will be to run 4 more of the same thing to mine quickly.
Each server costs $20. So $20*5 = $100.
$100/30 = $3.33 each day
You have $10 credit so you have ~3 days worth of mining that you can do for free.
If you go over you will only be be charged the extra by the hour so don't worry about getting a huge charge on your creditcard unless you forget for a month.
Well you can try to find other guides online to use these servers, but unless it is a CPU only coin the results won't be worth it.
You can also trade them on Cryptsy for other coins including bitcoins.
Cryptsy non-refferal
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Making Bitcoins for beer money

Note: This is about getting bitcoins without mining them, which is impractical for most people!! There are sites which will pay you in bitcoins for clicks and that is the focus of this submission.
News about bitcoin mania and related crazy shit have been cropping up on reddit, especially as the banking crisis in Cyprus has led to a surge in the value of bitcoins.
It was basically designed to be a digital online currency. A bit like reddit karma, except it's useful and can be spent on goods and services. The reason so many Cypriot bank customers seem to be moving to bitcoins is that they fear their government will grab a large slice of their bank deposits, in order to pay off their debts, probably. Bitcoins are untouchable (so far), but are volatile and so their value can fluctuate heavily, but no one can help themselves to your bitcoins (unless you get hacked). Make sure to keep your bitcoin wallet safe if you somehow do manage to make non-trivial amounts of the stuff.
They are very convenient and kind of fun though. For example, some redditors are working on a reddit based bitcoin feature whereby you can reward a comment using bitcoins. There's also a reddit bitcoin market where you can buy and sell random stuff. So, they definitely are of some actual use.
One thing about most bitcoin beer money sites is that, given the nature of bitcoins, payouts can be made to anyone, in any country.
First step: Get yourself a bitcoin client, which will act as a bitcoin wallet and generate bitcoin addresses. Bitcoin-qt is a simple one, which can be used on Windows, Macs and Linux computers. You can also get an online client called My Wallet, which is compatible with iphones, Android phones, Windows, Macs and Linux.
People used to mine bitcoins using their computers, but that got progressively more difficult as time went by. All the easy bitcoins get mined by expensive, purpose built, bitcoin mining rigs.
Free Bitcoin Sites:
Earn Bitcoins - these are sites where you can earn bitcoins by doing some online work like visiting websites, watching videos/ads, completing surveys, etc. You can obviously make more money from these sites than the more simple free ones:
Gaming Sites:
Didn't want to post any links to gambling or gaming sites, but this one seems like a bit of fun:
And remember, don't get too carried away. Do not spend ridiculous amounts of time and money investing in bitcoins!!
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How bitcoin sent me and my family on an emotional rollercoaster ride

Two days ago I discovered a bitcoin wallet on my dropbox backup. I did not think much of it and searched for my walletprogram. After synching with the network it finally said 2.51 bitcoins. AND the value of over 2000$. I nearly freaked. I went straight to my wife and told her that I just found 2000$ on my computer. She didn't believe me but then i told her about me mining bitcoins years ago and forgetting about them. We told our two kids that Santa might bring some extra presents this year what really made them smile :] I went online and tried to catch up about the exchanges where i can cash out my bitcoins, and decided to go with bitstamp. When trying to deposit to bitstamp it hit me like a fist... the wallet was password protected. I tried to open it for hours straight. All the passwords i could think of, i ever used. But nothing. When i told my wife i had to fight with tears..
I didn't lose anything with bitcoins, but it sure feels like it!
Wallet balance: [email protected]@T [email protected]@KING PASSWORD:
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MtGox. Over priced and rising. Now under priced and falling. Here's why...

Edit re: Controversy generated by these views
When this post was first made, quite a few were upset by the suggestion: "the Gox price fell below the market because in-the-know traders were spooked BTC reserves had been lost and preferred to hold fiat on their accounts".
In fact this post was initially blocked and it was only when I complained to the moderators that it finally appeared half way down the NEW list with a special "Highly Speculative" label.
Now of course it is possible to see this post was just providing a good heads up: Gox has since admitted to serious security problems in their systems that may have led to BTC reserves being been lost, although we have yet to find out what. As it turns out various people had inside knowledge that there was something up and technical explanations were posted on this forum before Mt.Gox published its own press release. This means the explanation presented below is effectively proven beyond doubt. Big thanks to the many supporters who appreciated I was simply trying to share useful market insights rather than FUD-mongering. For those trapped on Gox, I hope this helped you understand what is going on.
I since created a guide that presents some rules for using these insights when trading on Gox
I also created a post requesting action from Mark Karpeles, Gox CEO. This was very popular and made it to No. 1 in the Hot list before it was deleted. ahem..
Original Post
Tell me I'm wrong!!!
Gox BTC prices initially rose above the market because people wanting to move to another market were forced to buy bitcoin as this was the only currency you could withdraw - see the very strong analysis presented by the first "MtVesuvius" post referenced below.
Then, after the price peaked at 28% above Bitstamp/BTC-e and it looked like we were heading for a run on bitcoin on Gox, prices on Gox were steadily brought down by a bitcoin selling campaign by some whales and sell bots (see references for analysis and substance).
Very soon afterwards bitcoin withdrawal difficulties emerged and removed - at least temporarily - the special benefit provided by bitcoin to Gox users & the price went back to tracking the market again (and the whales and sell bots that somehow had the prescience to sell made huge profits).
Then Gox BTC prices started falling away below the market price in a mysterious reversal...
Here is an explanation:-
The bitcoin withdrawal suspension spooked many traders that Gox has somehow lost BTC reserves (e.g. has been hacked). This made them prefer to hold fiat on their accounts because they recalled that in previous online wallet disasters there has been a sudden freeze and bitcoin holders have received emails in the form "we have unfortunately lost some of our bitcoin reserves. As someone holding bitcoin in your account, you have to suffer a share of this loss...". As the referenced post describing a visit to Gox headquarters shows, they are in total disarray. Would it not be rational for traders on Gox to worry about how bitcoin security has been managed and whether Gox may have lost reserves somehow? This would make them prefer to hold fiat and explain the bitcoin price dropping below the market when the withdrawal problems became apparent.
EDIT jenninsea makes an excellent point in a comment on that fiat is also more recoverable legally in the event of company failure than bitcoin and that there is precedent for this. So fiat is safer if you fear risk of imminent failure i.e. if you think Gox will fail and you can't get your bitcoin out, you are better off in fiat. This thinking would drive the price down too.
Monday and coming events will be critical. Volatility and price swings will be driven by traders with competing expectations - if withdrawals are going to resume the price should be above the market because users will stampede to bitcoin they can withdraw and escape, and alternately if corporate failure or loss of BTC reserves is going to be announced the price should be below the market as people will stampede for the legal shelter of fiat. Interesting times...
Mt.Vesuvius posts (analyze rising price)
Post Mt.Vesuvius price manipulation questions
Recent view of Gox from someone who went to Tokyo
Technical issue that can lead to loss of BTC from reserves (Gox blames protocol, but it was their bug actually)
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[CRYPTO VOTE] Let the people decide on the block size debate. 1st Referendum.

The decision on hard forks should be in the hands of bitcoin users - the STAKE HOLDERS. They give the value to this whole eco-system and they should decide on the risks regarding their holdings.
I suggest the following voting mechanism:
Signing: The signing can be done using almost any wallet. If for some reason your wallet doesn't support signing, you can always use the private key directly on (an offline version of)
Publishing signatures: The signatures should be pasted on a public location (,, etc.) no later than block 364000 (~1 month after the snapshot block).
Counting: I will try to link to all signatures from this thread (with your help), and when block 364000 is mined, count the coins that point to each result (I will publish the script here, so you could reproduce the results). The result will also be embedded in the blockchain (using OP_RETURN) for future reference.
Benefits: Let aside the results - if enough funds point towards one direction, it would be easier to convince the supporters of the opposite direction. This is different from the current state where only 10 exchanges, 10 big mining pools, or 10 loud redditors decide. It would really be the "people". We don't have to expect votes from huge amount of users, but if we get votes holding few thousands of coins, we could already take it as a meaningful marker.
Security concerns: If users are concerned by exposing their public key (quantum computing attacks, bad random attacks, etc.), they can move their funds to a new address already at block 360001 or later and vote with an empty address that used to have funds on the snapshot block. Alternatively, we can come up with a method that generates zkSNARK proof showing that the voter controls the corresponding private key, and a "Yes" or a "No" for the standing question was chosen [such a tool can be developed using libsnark]. There is some trust issue on this path to be resolved though.
Other issues: The issue of exchanges and online wallets signing with large amounts which they don't own is not really an issue, as the users trust those entities with their coins, so this trust can be extended for infrastructure decisions as well. Only a small part of bitcoin users are exposed to this debate and have the technical capabilities to vote. These are the core people of the community, and it is just right that they make the decision. An address signing on both votes would be considered as a neutral vote.
Next steps: If this method works out, we can come up with a BIP for voting which would be mandatory before any future hard fork. If the votes of the people are not enough to convince everyone, the value holders could combine efforts and collect funds to support their chosen direction. The funds could actively push towards one way. I can think of some technical methods to achieve that, but let's leave this complexity for emergency only.
This reddit account was just created so this sensitive/explosive debate is not attached to my real identity. For further identity proof, I will use the following bitcoin addresses:
1HqTVZrTmwUT1zLkophbgA4MLbsUhdPtUU ("NO")
1KZ2vrRafLJZNEVUhhTonCe9J8C7kVUCB8 ("YES")
I also prepared example votes using these addresses:
These votes do not have any funds there yet, but if you send there funds before block 360000, I will thank you for your donation, and those funds would be considered as valid votes. Otherwise, just paste signatures on this thread or links to signatures somewhere else.
If you think there should be other options to vote on, or even more questions to discuss - please speak up.
This may just be our first referendum. Let's leave this debate with a stronger bitcoin!
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Subreddit Stats: posts from 2013-03-11 to 2013-04-23 14:57 PDT

Submissions % Comments %
Total 202 161
Unique Redditors 25 38
Upvotes 688 85% 290 89%
Downvotes 120 15% 35 11%

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    2. "In the past, thuggish and vexatious legal threats have been common because they've been risk-free. In the Information Age they aren't. When you act like a bully, you can become famous as a bully immediately, and reap the consequences." (8 pts, 0 comments)
    3. Disownership is the new normal. More than 50% of Americans have leased or borrowed a traditionally owned item in the last two years. (6 pts, 0 comments)
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    5. "What are the building blocks of being an engaged and active citizen?" One of the best comment threads I've ever seen. (6 pts, 0 comments)
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    1. The Economist compares Bitcoin to Napster: "Even if it crashes, Bitcoin may make a dent in the financial world" (11 pts, 0 comments)
    2. Democratize Wealth Creation: Fascinating article about how American regulators are cutting 96% of the country out of the ability to invest in innovation. (7 pts, 4 comments)
    3. Some banks are starting to look at Facebook and LinkedIn Data in order to assess credit risk. Making racist comments on facebook may eventually determine whether you get that loan. (6 pts, 0 comments)
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    1. reddit's CEO explains why YouTube comments suck so much. (13 pts, 6 comments)
    2. Can someone explain to me the "big picture" implications of Google Fiber? (9 pts, 5 comments)
    3. The Price of Poor Communication: "While long thought of as a 'soft' science, communication is increasingly understood to be at the root of many of health care's failures - and a leading culprit in rising costs." (5 pts, 0 comments)
    4. Entering the deployment phase of our current technological revolution. (5 pts, 0 comments)
    5. I Tried Hacking Bitcoin and I Failed [x-post from Hacker News] (5 pts, 0 comments)
    6. Turning Vancouver into a Sharing Economy Laboratory (4 pts, 1 comments)
  5. 37 pts, 11 submissions: CatBaconNarwhal
    1. Ask.SocialCitizens: What are going to be the long-term effects of the obesity epidemic on America? Are there any (realistic) ways that we can reverse the trend as quickly as it began? (6 pts, 2 comments)
    2. How should we be preparing for the rise of collaborative consumption's impact on the labor markets? (6 pts, 2 comments)
    3. 250,000 English words still available as Twitter handles (6 pts, 5 comments)
    4. The Tyranny of Taxi Medallions (5 pts, 0 comments)
    5. "The Airbnb For Blah" analogy isn't going to go away (3 pts, 0 comments)
    6. You’re forking out $9,000 a year to own your car. (3 pts, 1 comments)

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  1. d0gsbody (54 pts, 42 comments)
  2. kevinmrr (27 pts, 25 comments)
  3. countmac01 (22 pts, 14 comments)
  4. craigshapiro (21 pts, 9 comments)
  5. CollaborativeFund (15 pts, 8 comments)
  6. alphacentauriAB (11 pts, 5 comments)
  7. Vaginal_Scrapings (10 pts, 5 comments)
  8. DanPierson (7 pts, 5 comments)
  9. DanteEstonia (7 pts, 4 comments)
  10. agentlame (6 pts, 1 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. reddit's CEO explains why YouTube comments suck so much. by janey42 (13 pts, 6 comments)
  2. The Economist compares Bitcoin to Napster: "Even if it crashes, Bitcoin may make a dent in the financial world" by kevinmrr (11 pts, 0 comments)
  3. The Boston Marathon attack gave me an idea for dealing with events like this in the future. by Vaginal_Scrapings (10 pts, 0 comments)
  4. This is the first time I've shared this idea with the general public - Reddit seems like the right place by WaterproofThis (10 pts, 4 comments)
  5. Announcing: The Singularity Book Club by d0gsbody (10 pts, 10 comments)

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  1. 6 pts: agentlame's comment in reddit's CEO explains why YouTube comments suck so much.
  2. 5 pts: blinkergoesleft's comment in Announcing: The Singularity Book Club
  3. 5 pts: craigshapiro's comment in Can someone explain to me the "big picture" implications of Google Fiber?
  4. 4 pts: BloggingAlan's comment in reddit's CEO explains why YouTube comments suck so much.
  5. 3 pts: d0gsbody's comment in Uber, Data Darwinism and the future of work
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  1. 2588 pts, 2 submissions: evoorhees
    1. NSA Whistleblower reveals himself. Mentions Tor, EFF. This is a hero. (1407 pts, 176 comments)
    2. LOL New Bitcoin Billboard in San Jose - Honey Badger! (1181 pts, 196 comments)
  2. 1902 pts, 43 submissions: IWillNotBiteYourDog
    1. Thank You, Bitcoin Community | Electronic Frontier Foundation (246 pts, 32 comments)
    2. Prepaid Card Can Be Funded by Bitcoins (203 pts, 40 comments)
    3. Bitcoin finds its way into Cambridge [UK] pubs (99 pts, 10 comments)
    4. Bitcoin's a Revolution, Not a Convenience (77 pts, 11 comments)
    5. Is Bitcoin the future of currency? (76 pts, 13 comments)
    6. How Bitcoin Lets You Spy on Careless Companies (72 pts, 55 comments)
    7. The Reserve Bank of India red flags 'virtual currency' (61 pts, 17 comments)
    8. Why didn’t Bitcoin users freak out in May? (58 pts, 36 comments)
  3. 1349 pts, 12 submissions: bitfan2013
    1. Western Union now prohibits sending money to the USA from Argentina. Bitcoin may be the only way out. (273 pts, 64 comments)
    2. A new site shows how to break off from Prism - Recommends Bitcoin! (220 pts, 54 comments)
    3. California now proving why Satoshi Nakomoto was a genius on so many level (158 pts, 92 comments)
    4. More reasons not to use your Bitcoin Wallet on Windows; Microsoft Waits to Fix Your Software Bugs So the NSA Can Use Them First (155 pts, 54 comments)
    5. NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden:" The extent of their capabilities is horrifying. We can plant bugs in machines. Once you go on the network, I can identify your machine. You will never be safe whatever protections you put in place." Is my Bitcoins not secure if my machine is bugged to begin with? (145 pts, 53 comments)
    6. Avalon claims to have started mass shipping via E-mail; Provide Pics (143 pts, 56 comments)
    7. 06/11 Bloomberg [Video]; Wow for the first time Bitcoin actually got good coverage instead of the usual crash, drugs, illegal talk that we saw earlier. Is the tide turning in our favor? (135 pts, 38 comments)
    8. BBC News - Swiss bill to ease bank secrecy rebuffed - Finally some backbone to stand up to the U.S Government. Maybe we should all open accounts to trade Bitcoins in Switzerland! (37 pts, 18 comments)
  4. 1270 pts, 14 submissions: waspoza
    1. Bottoms Up For Bitcoin - The virtual currency popular with libertarians is now being accepted by a chain of U.K. pubs. (326 pts, 29 comments)
    2. The Time For A Stateless Global Reserve Currency Is Fast Approaching (239 pts, 225 comments)
    3. 5-star Waikiki hotel, 10% discount if renter pays in bitcoin (164 pts, 23 comments)
    4. The 51% Attack - What Bitcoin Can Learn From Alt-coin Experiments - The Genesis Block (99 pts, 43 comments)
    5. China’s romance with Bitcoin continues (87 pts, 36 comments)
    6. Bitcoin Wallet Keeps Hackers Out (68 pts, 29 comments)
    7. How Bitcoin Can Bring Down The United States Of America (50 pts, 93 comments)
    8. Bitcoin Companies Attract Frenzy Of Venture Funding (46 pts, 0 comments)
  5. 1263 pts, 4 submissions: vbuterin
    1. Bitcoin: "Nigerian Prince" scams no longer make any sense (1176 pts, 122 comments)
    2. Bitcoin Is Not Losing its Soul: Or, Why the Regulation Hysteria Is Missing The Point (46 pts, 5 comments)
    3. Five Reasons You Should Not Use the Internet (27 pts, 18 comments)
    4. Bitcoin At Porcfest, Part 0: Exploring Boston And New Hampshire (14 pts, 0 comments)

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  1. bitfan2013 (944 pts, 126 comments)
  2. 17chk4u (728 pts, 139 comments)
  3. Miner_Willy (617 pts, 105 comments)
  4. Natanael_L (581 pts, 234 comments)
  5. pardax (571 pts, 156 comments)
  6. TheSelfGoverned (538 pts, 184 comments)
  7. fuZZe (518 pts, 70 comments)
  8. throwaway-o (474 pts, 147 comments)
  9. bitcointip (463 pts, 194 comments)
  10. Anenome5 (461 pts, 165 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. NSA Whistleblower reveals himself. Mentions Tor, EFF. This is a hero. by evoorhees (1407 pts, 176 comments)
  2. LOL New Bitcoin Billboard in San Jose - Honey Badger! by evoorhees (1181 pts, 196 comments)
  3. Bitcoin: "Nigerian Prince" scams no longer make any sense by vbuterin (1176 pts, 122 comments)
  4. Bank of America blocked the transfer to the new WikiLeaks Party of a $25,000 prize awarded to Assange by the Japanese musician, artist and philanthropist Yoko Ono by gasull (905 pts, 72 comments)
  5. Bitcoin Foundation gets Cease an desist order for being a money transmitting business ... by Timbo925 (880 pts, 452 comments)

Top Comments

  1. 336 pts: jgarzik's comment in Bitcoin Foundation gets Cease an desist order for being a money transmitting business ...
  2. 278 pts: mpkomara's comment in Bitpay upgraded: the bitcoin guy got hairs now!
  3. 222 pts: lewicki's comment in AMD Rep says the bitcoin mining market is too small for AMD to make mining specific products.
  4. 212 pts: thinkcomp's comment in Bitcoin Foundation gets Cease an desist order for being a money transmitting business ...
  5. 197 pts: GernDown's comment in LOL New Bitcoin Billboard in San Jose - Honey Badger!
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A call to all streamers: use bitcoin!

(Cross-posting from TL)
All you need is to overlay something like this qr code to your stream, and that's it! Now anyone in the world that sees it and holds some bitcoin, can donate some to you.
As far as I know, the options we currently have to donate some money in support to our favourite players are restricted to two: to subscribe to their twitch channel, or to donate using paypal. While these modes of payment might suit some, I feel that streamers are loosing on a potential source of income by not enabling bitcoin donations. Its quite easy to set up, and it has zero costs.
Awesome! How do I do it?
Now it's trivial for anyone in the world holding bitcoin to send you some. They just need to scan the qr code or copy the written address, and use it to send from their wallet.
Bitcoin can also be as easily used in a tournament setting. For instance, in TotalBiscuit's Shoutcraft America series, he set up a tip jar paypal account for every contestant, so that people could send tips to their favourite players. I thought that was a brilliant idea, but felt that the lack of a bitcoin option was a missed opportunity. Would have been as easy as to embed the 2 player qr codes at each side of the hud during each match for anyone to instantly be able to tip the players.
In other news, TotalBiscuit announced at the end of his last Shoutcraft America tournament that he'll be hosting a bo7 showmatch between NaNiwa and Scarlett, for the price of 12 bitcoin. I have already seen talk of people wanting to add their own bitcoins to that prizepool (as if it is not high enough!) as soon as he makes the price address public. And I think having the ability to do so is awesome!
Some more examples of qr awesomeness
Stuff you should also probably read
Wallet security is an important topic. The money people send to the receiving address can be spent by anyone knowing the private key that generated the wallet. This means that yes, online wallet providers can theoretically rob you of all your coins. The blockchain wallet is considered to be the safest of the online wallets, since it hands you the private keys and allows for two factor authentication wallet management, but the safest option is still an offline private wallet. Personally I like Electrum, but you can also use Armory or the bitcoin-qt original client. TL;DR: use online wallets for pocket change, and store any meaningful balance cautiously.
Also it's worth noting that anyone that knows your receiving address can see your live balance (for instance you can see the current balance and all past transactions of the wallet I just created for this post here ); another reason in favour of moving your funds around if they get meaningful.
But wait a second... What is this bitcoin thing you're talking about?? Is it edible?
Nope, but you can apparently buy pizza with it! I'm sure most of you have already heard about it, with the current price bubble news, the announcement that Team Liquid is now accepting bitcoin for the store and TL+ subscriptions, or if you have seen the bitcontip bot in action in some subreddits. However bitcoin is a pretty complex topic and there is a good amount of misinformation floating around, so if you want to learn the facts you can watch this video or visit these webpages or the bitcoin wiki.
Are you a cyberpunk cryptoanarchist neoliberal technocapitalist nerd new world order reptilian illuminati conspiracy-theorist drug dealer anonymous and freemason member?
Yes! And on top of that I also am an avid SC2 fan and a bitcoin enthusiast. And I think esports could greatly benefit from bitcoin, and that bitcoin could greatly benefit from esports; they are made one for the other. This is my attempt at playing matchmaker!
Disclamer: Please use this post to discuss the involvement of bitcoin within the SC2 and esports community. To discuss about fundamental bitcoin issues, please use head to bitcoin. Thanks.
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Top Submitters' Top Submissions

  1. 6362 pts, 6 submissions: evoorhees
    1. Open Letter to Michael Casey - WSJ reporter who butchered my comments in today's Bitcoin cover story (3330 pts, 1511 comments)
    2. Some words for my friends (2096 pts, 2233 comments)
    3. Screenshot - We're in the midst of revolution (355 pts, 167 comments)
    4. Ignore the noise. This is what's important. (283 pts, 231 comments)
    5. On Visa's earnings call today with CEO, first question, "What about Bitcoin?" (200 pts, 114 comments)
    6. Bitcoin vs. Cash in Panama (98 pts, 73 comments)
  2. 4706 pts, 9 submissions: waspoza
    1. Microsoft beats Google by adding Bitcoin currency conversion to Bing (2142 pts, 240 comments)
    2. Standard Bank in South Africa is running an internal Bitcoin pilot with, in-bank wallet (728 pts, 127 comments)
    3. Welcome, Apple. Seriously. (596 pts, 79 comments)
    4. Bitcoin is Legal, Says Cyprus Central Bank (450 pts, 54 comments)
    5. A Surprisingly Large Number Of IT Professionals Want To Get Paid In Bitcoin (260 pts, 54 comments)
    6. I’m Hoarding Bitcoins, and No You Can’t Have Any (156 pts, 178 comments)
    7. 200,000 Hotels Now Accept Bitcoin Through Online Travel Agency CheapAir (145 pts, 6 comments)
    8. Lamborghini and McLaren Dealerships Drive Bitcoin Adoption in USA (131 pts, 6 comments)
    9. Chinese corrupted officers will push Bitcoin price up 1000 times (98 pts, 125 comments)
  3. 3755 pts, 3 submissions: Kinitex
    1. Trying to trade these markets... (2778 pts, 334 comments)
    2. This Is How The Banks Are Trying To Deal With Bitcoin (566 pts, 240 comments)
    3. MTGOX - Statement Feb 17 (411 pts, 350 comments)
  4. 3704 pts, 9 submissions: tharlam
    1. Bitcoin Transaction Fee to reduce by 10x (1137 pts, 231 comments)
    2. SIGN THE PETITION to remove Mark Karpeles from the Bitcoin Foundation (616 pts, 99 comments)
    3. "We are very surprised anyone could blame MtGox and not the Bitcoin Software" - Mark Karpeles, CEO MtGox (442 pts, 269 comments)
    4. MtGox removed from! (417 pts, 14 comments)
    5. Request to MTGOX staff/insiders: please leak more information. (289 pts, 166 comments)
    6. Mark Karpeles, please resign from the Bitcoin Foundation (269 pts, 38 comments)
    7. MtGox class action lawsuit (228 pts, 148 comments)
    8. New Scientist considered printing the price of the magazine in bitcoin! (167 pts, 18 comments)
    9. MtGox have left the building claims receptionist (139 pts, 77 comments)
  5. 3362 pts, 1 submissions: kubrick
    1. on bitcoin right now (3362 pts, 822 comments)

Top Commenters

  1. mthreat (4436 pts, 24 comments)
  2. evoorhees (2318 pts, 74 comments)
  3. libertariancommunist (2241 pts, 4 comments)
  4. i_can_get_you_a_toe (2177 pts, 151 comments)
  5. nullc (1977 pts, 146 comments)
  6. 7thKingdom (1977 pts, 21 comments)
  7. northrupthebandgeek (1944 pts, 56 comments)
  8. Coffeebe (1937 pts, 3 comments)
  9. killerstorm (1793 pts, 104 comments)
  10. bakdom146 (1768 pts, 5 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. on bitcoin right now by kubrick (3362 pts, 822 comments)
  2. Open Letter to Michael Casey - WSJ reporter who butchered my comments in today's Bitcoin cover story by evoorhees (3330 pts, 1511 comments)
  3. Dogecoin wtf by Vibr8gKiwi (3252 pts, 2762 comments)
  4. Bitcoin takes a walk with Dogecoin by james_otter (2893 pts, 539 comments)
  5. Trying to trade these markets... by Kinitex (2778 pts, 334 comments)

Top Comments

  1. 3151 pts: mthreat's comment in Open Letter to Michael Casey - WSJ reporter who butchered my comments in today's Bitcoin cover story
  2. 2247 pts: libertariancommunist's comment in Open Letter to Michael Casey - WSJ reporter who butchered my comments in today's Bitcoin cover story
  3. 1921 pts: Coffeebe's comment in Dogecoin wtf
  4. 1790 pts: 7thKingdom's comment in Open Letter to Michael Casey - WSJ reporter who butchered my comments in today's Bitcoin cover story
  5. 1741 pts: bakdom146's comment in Open Letter to Michael Casey - WSJ reporter who butchered my comments in today's Bitcoin cover story
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  1. 1514 pts, 27 submissions: IWillNotBiteYourDog
    1. The Federal Government's Reaction To Bitcoin Is An Acknowledgement Of The Dollar's Vulnerability (341 pts, 87 comments)
    2. Crypto-currency for NSA leaker: Snowden fund accepts Bitcoin (200 pts, 28 comments)
    3. Congress starts investigating Bitcoin (146 pts, 116 comments)
    4. Do Bitcoins belong in your retirement portfolio? (88 pts, 68 comments)
    5. Rich-Get-Richer Effect Observed in Bitcoin Digital Currency Network (80 pts, 82 comments)
    6. What's the Deal with Bitcoins Anyway? [Video] (75 pts, 27 comments)
  2. 1217 pts, 17 submissions: waspoza
    1. As the U.S. gets ready to investigate Bitcoin, India says that it won’t regulate the currency (283 pts, 38 comments)
    2. Effortless deposits to Bitstamp from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay thanks to AstroPay (171 pts, 20 comments)
    3. Bitcoin is legal, let it evolve into its role, researchers urge (163 pts, 2 comments)
    4. Bitcoin Block Time Halved To Five Minutes Amid Exponential Network Growth (141 pts, 77 comments)
    5. Rentalutions enables US residents to pay rent in bitcoins (109 pts, 28 comments)
    6. Digital currency makes a buzz (54 pts, 8 comments)
  3. 1019 pts, 11 submissions: coolcityboy
    1. John McAfee on Bitcoin: "It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust." (635 pts, 174 comments)
    2. Forbes: Congress Is Nervous About Bitcoin (84 pts, 13 comments)
    3. Lamassu: "It's begun! Our preliminary run of 15 Bitcoin Machines is underway. Proof is in the pictures." (57 pts, 41 comments)
    4. The Economist: How can you buy illegal drugs online? (46 pts, 19 comments)
    5. Bloomberg: Tradehill Bitcoin Accounts Moving to Credit Union (44 pts, 8 comments)
    6. "Bitcoin is the digital musket for our generation's revolution." --Bitcoin user (43 pts, 25 comments)
  4. 1014 pts, 4 submissions: coastermonger
    1. Just some low key multitasking... (424 pts, 40 comments)
    2. So did we figure out why Ebay (possibly) made this video about bitcoin? (362 pts, 186 comments)
    3. Petition for MtGox to post status on their solvency (207 pts, 83 comments)
    4. Video: Creating a Bounty for Merchants to Accept Bitcoin (21 pts, 6 comments)
  5. 849 pts, 16 submissions: gamerandy
    1. Do We Need a Separation of Bank and State? (319 pts, 125 comments)
    2. Russia Today talks with Trace Mayer and Andreas M. Antonopoulos, then they actually show bitcoin mining in their server room (154 pts, 20 comments)
    3. The Bitcoin Foundation is Electing A New Board Member - Here's The Audio Debate Between 11 of the Candidates. (56 pts, 24 comments)
    4. Interview with American Hacker Jeffrey Paul on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Security (37 pts, 8 comments)
    5. Decoding Bitcoin... Politico Introduces their Audience to Cryptocurrency! (37 pts, 8 comments)
    6. Expensify's David Barrett and Fmr. Presidential Candidate Howard Dean talk about Bitcoin on CNBC 9.5.2013 (30 pts, 16 comments)

Top Commenters

  1. shakethatbass (1241 pts, 5 comments)
  2. physalisx (1007 pts, 232 comments)
  3. SeansOutpost (982 pts, 122 comments)
  4. xrandr (971 pts, 82 comments)
  5. PotatoBadger (930 pts, 201 comments)
  6. bbbbbubble (893 pts, 190 comments)
  7. bitcointip (877 pts, 225 comments)
  8. zeusa1mighty (875 pts, 263 comments)
  9. TheSelfGoverned (863 pts, 274 comments)
  10. throwaway-o (805 pts, 150 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. "We've won the State's War on Drugs because of Bitcoin" - Dread Pirate Roberts by JakeMcVitie (735 pts, 317 comments)
  2. John McAfee on Bitcoin: "It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust." by coolcityboy (635 pts, 174 comments)
  3. Has this been reported yet? Within the past few days Ebay has added Virtual Currency to their Coins & Paper money category by 3itc0inEntrepreneur (611 pts, 188 comments)
  4. Due to a serious flaw in Android, all users of Android-based wallets must take immediate action. by theymos (531 pts, 241 comments)
  5. Coinbase: First million USD = 0% for cashing out! by sir_talkalot (517 pts, 186 comments)

Top Comments

  1. 1172 pts: shakethatbass's comment in hardleft121 visits Sean's Outpost, or Greg meets Jason. Mighty things are afoot.
  2. 644 pts: MillyBitcoin's comment in I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing.
  3. 283 pts: vqpas's comment in I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing.
  4. 273 pts: bitcointip's comment in hardleft121 visits Sean's Outpost, or Greg meets Jason. Mighty things are afoot.
  5. 254 pts: SeansOutpost's comment in hardleft121 visits Sean's Outpost, or Greg meets Jason. Mighty things are afoot.
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