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I almost gave up...

I've been hodling and adding to my stash since 2012. Went through the Gox debacle, Silk Road,, slaying of the bearwhale, BitLicense, ETF, and countless ups and downs.
In the beginning, I tried trading on Gox, but always got lost in the FUD, emotion what I began to realize was manipulation. And I realized that I had no skill in playing that game. Except one skill. I had faith based on a deep understanding of what bitcoin was.
I read the whitepaper. I understood the implications and bought in. (Thank you Orlin Grabbe, RIP) So I bought more.
I bought in through dwolla/Gox, bit-instant/ZipZap, localbitcoins, etc. And I kept buying. I mixed my coins (losing a chunk to Coinlender), traded gold for coins on Agora, and kept building my hodlings while putting them in cold encrypted storage. Never sell was my motto, and I watched what was about a $20K gamble/investment grow to much much more. Enough to retire.
I watched the price constantly. Wake up at night, check the price. Wake up in the morning, check the price. And I read all of the news, the blogs, reddit (both /btc and /bitcoin, and others). I invested my Roth in GBTC. My wife's as well. I told my mainstream friends about bitcoin. All who told me I was crazy. Maybe a little I admitted.
Satoshi said it would either be worth 0 or be very valuable. I chose to believe the latter.
But recently I got discouraged. The civil war was real. Both sides bloodied, with hidden agendas following hidden money. Sock puppets manipulating opinion, threats by miners to fork and jump ship. Doom and gloom. Price crashes, big bear predictions, doom is nigh!
And I almost gave up. Almost imported my cold coins to sell. Then I saw through the fog of war. Bitcoin is anti-fragile. ANTI-FRAGILE. Weak hands sell. Traders and whales sell/buy. Manipulators buy/sell. Maybe after the next halving, I'll sell. But not now. I'll continue to hodl. Maybe even buy some more.
Just thought I'd share.
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