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My Very Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags and Clear Indications of Scumbaggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Need Your Help To Source References and Links For Existing Categories And Add New Ones. This is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. I Know I've Missed Tonnes...Ideas?

My Very Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags and Clear Indications of Scumbaggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Need Your Help To Source References and Links For Existing Categories And Add New Ones. This is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. I Know I've Missed Tonnes...Ideas?
Here’s my Top 22 list of suspicious shenanigans and red flags surrounding the COVID narrative:

  1. The Imperial College Death data - Neil Ferguson and Gates-funded Imperial College, London Model that ‘persuaded’ Johnson and Trump to lockdown. 500K deaths in UK and 2.2m deaths projected in US, EVEN WITH LOCKDOWN. Less than 10% accuracy but 110% alarmist, and evidence that the coding was deliberately flawed and designed to inflate numbers. Gates funding everyone involved in the staged 'debacle'.
Ferguson, with a terrifyingly consistent track record for hyping minor viruses that fail to transpire into pandemics (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, BSE etc), failing upwards as a ‘safe pair of hands‘.
EDIT: I‘ve reposted, but thought I’d put back the 95% that disappeared some minutes ago....
2) Ferguson’s blasé attitude to his affair during lockdown - clearly not too worried for his lovers’ family, if he genuinely believed COVID was a threat. No "error of judgement", just a man who knew there was nothing to fear.
3) Hospitals cleared of patients in readiness for a pandemic that never came. Desperate for cash, doctors and nurses were financially incentivised to put down patients dying with/ of COVID on death certificates to gain payments. In US $13,000 per patient, and $39,000 per patient on ventilator etc.
Footage of empty hospitals worldwide:
Nurses furloughed, sent home for suspected virus without testing. Nurses - with nothing better to do - on TikTok etc:
Nurses slammed for filming TikTok showing them carrying coronavirus 'body-bag': etc
4) Games played with age and numbers, proof that only the elderly and very sick elderly were dying, but less of pneumonia and flu than in previous years. Median age of 79 in US and 82 in UK. Meanwhile whole country on lockdown.
"The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years (e.g. 86 years in Sweden) and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality."
(table from 2/7 down the page...)
5) When this became apparent, initial scare stories in press about children dying of virus, later proven to have no merit, just to ensure the hysteria was generalised. Meanwhile, probability of a child dying from the 'virus' is 35m to 1.
"The second row shows that 2 deaths have been recorded among over 7 million school children aged between 5 and 14 (around 1 in 3.5 million), an extremely low risk — although additional deaths may be reported following coroners’ investigations. Over the last five years, there has been an average of 94 deaths registered over this 9-week period for those aged 5–14, and so the 2 Covid deaths represents only 2% of the normal risk faced by this group. That is, whatever average risk they would have faced in these 9 weeks if Covid had never existed — a risk which was extraordinarily low — was increased by Covid by only 2%."
6) The ludicrous claim that they had never considered economic and psychological DEATH toll of lockdown.
There was a press conference in June on BBC, where they said "saving lives" from the virus was considered more important. Hard to believe, but I can't find the footage yet...
"One of the most consistent themes that emerges from the minutes of SAGE meetings is how the Government repeatedly expected its scientists to account for the economic impact of lockdown restrictions – even though SAGE was not doing any economic modelling."
7) Doctors globally openly being told they can save paperwork and earn money by basing cause of death on ASSUMPTION of COVID, based on the vaguest of pretexts and symptoms.
Also, from the UK...Health Secretary Matt Hancock calls for urgent review into coronavirus death data in England.
It follows confirmation from Public Health England that reported deaths may have included people who tested positive months before they died.
8) The propaganda campaign against any form of alternative to vaccine (Vitamin C and D, African cures, HCQ etc)
“The Government’s leading body for Covid19 drug trials – led by the controversial character Professor Peter Horby – Oxford’s Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health and heading the vaccine programme - stands accused of grossly misleading negative trial results for the coronavirus management drug Hydroxychloroqhine. (Conflict of interest, surely?)
The lead story in today’s France Soir – a long-respected and unaligned French daily – presents compelling evidence to suggest that the Whitehall/Cabinet Covid19 “advice” team cannot be trusted….and raises yet more doubts about BBC complicity in a false Coronavirus narrative.”
http://www.francesoir.fsociete-sante/remdesivir-une-molecule-dinteret-therapeutique-tres-discutable-sur-le-covid-19-partie ( in French)
The [Lancet’s] claim that hydroxychloroquine increases the risk of death in Covid-19 patients has been used by rivals as a stick to beat the US President, who has himself been taking the drug and hailed it a 'game-changer' in the war on coronavirus**.**
Mounting doubts over the study's reliability culminated yesterday when the authors retracted their study from the Lancet medical journal, whose editorial standards have also been thrown into question.
“The Deputy Chief Investigator of the Recovery Trial, Prof. Martin Landray, gave an interview to France-Soir. What he revealed was quite remarkable.
Firstly, the mortality rate of the hydroxychloroquine patients was a staggering 25.7%.
The recommended hydroxychloroquine dose for an adult in the UK is no more than 200 — 400 mg per day. In France, 1800 mg per day is considered to be lethal poisoning.”
9) The saturation of Gates into the narrative at every level. His hallowed and unquestioned presence in media as expert, the only Moses who can lead us out of this wilderness with his magic potions, release us from our prisons with his benevolence. His financial connections through BMGF to NIH, CDC, WHO, BBC, Guardian, CNN etc and of course every pharmaceutical company in existence....
Amazing Polly (pretty much every video this year):
BBC compromised:

“Transforming lives through media”? Gates and the CIA? Can we give up the pretence that neutral Auntie speaks for - or represents - us and our best interests?
Charities and foundations - without transparency, oversight and apparently universally trusted. Call your genocidal plans ‘charity’ and not only will you look like a philanthrApist, but people will even donate to their own demise.
EDIT: For further information, I just found this webpage:
UK Guardian compromised:
Hear the Guardian is regrettably letting 180 staff go this week. Hopefully BMGF can find them suitable homes...
From the article:
“This story came from a Guardian sub-section called ‘Global Development‘.
But then I came across this 2010 Guardian story about how the Guardian has started up this new ‘Global Development’ site in partnership with… the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
So much information on Gates...almost “paralysed” with possibilities. Ideas?
10) Recent US and UK stories where people clearly dying of other things - cancer, suicide, motorcycle accidents etc are ascribed to COVID. Officially, George Floyd’s death should have been ascribed to COVID, since I believe he tested positive during autopsy. Might have led to a very different world...
HighImpactFix video about case number “massage” and motorcycle anomalies:
11) Recent US and UK stories of the deceitful practices by which:
i) the case numbers are conflated with all death numbers on certain days
ii) Dying "of" vs "with" COVID
iii) anyone who dies after testing positive is a COVID death
iv) cases being reported and subliminally conflated with deaths by the media, when death numbers fell too low to keep the public sufficiently terrified to accept coming measures
v) case numbers merely made up or inflated by a factor of ten, in Florida’s case last week.
Too many to include all here, but the recent Florida 'mistake' is here:
If this is a genuine event, what possible reason would there be to commit fraud in so many ways to keep it looking genuine, besides the need to control demolish the world economy and vaccine-shill?
12) Event 201. Drill gone live. Nuff said.
Amazing Polly:
13) The fact that there have been no surprises at all since the crisis began. Every next step had been telegraphed in the media well in advance. Everything began with the notion that a vaccine would be the only solution and the narrative has remained remarkably consistent to Event201.
14) Even with all of these statistical somersaults, the death numbers this year are not far from what they’ve been in previous years. Pneumonia and flu deaths are suspiciously down.

2020 - 6509 flu deaths in five months (Feb-June)
2020 - 6509 flu deaths in five months (Feb-June)
Compared with:

2019- Flu killed 34,157 - more than twice amount for a similar period of five months this year.
2019 Flu killed 34,157 - more than twice amount for a similar period of five months this year.
15) That in the space of four months, they have managed to capitalise on this crisis and remove so many rights from us permanently. An opportunity for which they’ve been waiting for years, COVID sped up the process and kept us otherwise preoccupied.
Here is my list of achieved or achievable hidden agenda:
In no particular order:
  1. Controlled demolition of the stock market/ global economy. Global reset etc
  2. Transhumanist/ AI rollout (post-human, Gates patents for human batteries linked with cryptocurrency (60606).
  3. Vaccine adulation and promotion (Gates etc promising vaccine = release from captivity - pharmaceutical companies in league with WHO to drum up mandatory sales)
  4. Expediting the climate change agenda, conflating it with the virus as a call for world government and global sustainability.
  5. Plus RFID/ ID2020 tracking through vaccines (mark of the beast, without which no transaction/ employment will be possible)
  6. Demonisation and eradication of cash (total financial dominion)
  7. Mass unemployment and Universal Credit system linked to Social Credit.
  8. Bank (and corporate) bailouts – this time round it looks legitimate and necessary, no public outcry.
  9. Using and conditioning us to the concept of quarantining as a future method of control should there be any hint of unrest.
  10. Cultification of the NHS to the point of a unifying religion (clapping and donations and lionisation of medical staff during what must be the quietest time in their history)
  11. Legitimation of multiculturalism and immigration (race-baiting through NHS and volunteers, #youclapforusnow
  12. A shot in the arm for the MSM and government as a whole: no longer irrelevant and dying, people watching 24-7 since pandemic. Taking attention away from alternative media.
  13. Privatisation of NHS/ public services – corporations will step in to ‘save’ us (public gratitude replacing scepticism)
  14. Makes government look noble and heroic (wartime/ WW2 mentality fostered)
  15. COVID19 as cover story for 5G radiation/ environmental pollution/ vaccine damage etc
  16. Mass Surveillance – using 5G ‘for our safety’ to track and trace
  17. Opportunity to pass draconian laws against human rights (assembly, sectioning, travel, speech)
  18. Social alienation/ conformity as preference/ patriotic duty
  19. Prevention of assembly in order to protest draconian laws
  20. Depopulation in stages (elderly first, then with vaccines and suicides/ bankruptcy etc due to system collapse)
  21. Censorship of social media and social discourse in general
  22. Installation of 5G during lockdown to avoid scrutiny
  23. Effecting the transition of the workplace, shopping district and school to the home, ending community and all nourishing human interactions.
  24. The ‘new normal’ - social revolution and culture creation through social distancing/ queuing for shops/reinvention of the word essential/ mask wearing etc
  25. Destruction of small and medium sized businesses and the high street in general
  26. Fauci’s early dismissive comments about virus, herd immunity and futility of masks, before the script was revised.
”You don’t need a mask.”:
To the NEJM, he described COVID in March as a flu, with similar numbers predicted to suffer.
“WOW! Dr. Fauci in New England Journal of Medicine Concedes the Coronavirus Mortality Rate May Be Much Closer to a Very Bad Flu”
Why the u-turn? Surely we define our experts by their consistency.
F William Engdahl article:
Christine Grady (Fauci’s wife):
17) Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Nadine Dorries - The statistical chances (14%) of three members of the UK Cabinet (made up of 22 people), including the prime minister, actually catching it and one almost dying apparently, right before reversing his decision to let it pass.
A very intentionally dramatic start to our lockdown, announced by Johnson from his "death-bed", ensuring all were in the appropriate state of panic:
"Boris Johnson: Hospital doctors were ready to announce my death"
18) Meanwhile, racism knocks the virus off the front pages and our minds for a few weeks, but we’re meant to go right back to taking it seriously when requested.
19) The many proven fake media stories...of long lines for testing and hospital footage from NY, mannequins in beds etc
20) International care home scandals - Deliberately mandating coronavirus carriers into crowded care homes to bump up death toll and concomitant hysteria, kill off elderly...murder?
"It is remarkable how many deaths during this pandemic have occurred in care homes. According to the Office for National Statistics, nearly 50,000 care home deaths were registered in the 11 weeks up to 22 May in England and Wales — 25,000 more than you would expect at this time of the year. Two out of five care homes in England have had a coronavirus outbreak; in the north-east, it’s half.
Not all these deaths, however, have been attributed to Covid-19. Even when death certificates do mention it, it is not always clear that it is the disease that was the ultimate cause of death..."
"The daughter of a 91-year-old gran who died of Covid-19 she contracted in a care home is demanding to know why her mum was “sacrificed” by ministers.
Retired teacher Anne Duncan died in Edinburgh’s Western General Hospitaltwo days after her family managed to force a move out of the care home in the city where they feared she would die alone.
Her daughter Linda hit out at what she called a “scandalous” policy to release coronavirus patients into care homes and called for her mum’s death to be investigated as part of a wider review."
Also, more than 40% of US ‘virus‘ deaths occur in nursing homes:
21) (thanks to law of confusion!) Ventilators - All of the sudden, a clamour for them generated panic demand and buying. Cuomo desperate, while he sat in front of a warehouse wall full of them. Hegelian dialectics at play. Trump apparently withholding, Trump giving them out like Oprah, then the evidence that they were killing most people on them.
“A giant study that examined outcomes for more than 2,600 patients found an extraordinarily high 88% death rate among Covid-19 patients in the New York City area who had to be placed on mechanical devices to help them breathe.”
22) Testing inconsistencies:
Half of CDC Coronavirus Test Kits Are Inaccurate, Study Finds.
”The study's lead author, Sin Hang Lee, MD, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, found that the testing kits gave a 30 percent false-positive rate and a 20 percent false-negative rate.”
“According to the creator of the PCR test, Kary Mullis himself, it cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”
Also, this about CT testing irregularities:
Funny how all the “mistakes” err on the side of positive...
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07-04 18:55 - 'ABC node to split BCH/BSV' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/autofocus111 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 7-17min

I hold pre-BSV BCH in my ABC wallet. Coins have been sitting there idle since I retrieved them using ABC from a BTC wallet I held pre-BTC/BCH.
I looked into the BSV split just recently and found this general guide. It seems like I don't need to use Electron Cash at all to do the BSV split. I upgraded to ABC 0.21.9 which if I understand correctly should use Schnorr signing (by default?) so no need for any BCH dust either.
So per step 3 if I run a transaction that sends all the BCH to a new ABC receiving address in my wallet it would effect a split and make the BCH non-replayable on the BSV chain, then I can recover BSV via a wallet import into ElectrumSV. Or am I missing something?
Split BCH and BSV Because there is no replay protection added to BSV, you need to split your coins before you use them. Otherwise you risk loosing them on the other chain. The general process: Import wallet into electron-cash Receive dust (a tiny amount of already split and non-replayable BCH) or sign with Schnorr Combine all your coins with the dust and send it to a new address you control Wait for a confirmation Import wallet into electrum-sv Combine all coins and send to a new address, no dust needed this time Wait for a confirmation Done!
Every six months the BCH chain upgrades the protocol in order to add new features that benefit scaling, privacy, and overall network performance. The upcoming hard fork scheduled for May 15 is a change that requires all participants to upgrade their software. The compatible full node implementations for the BCH fork next slated for next Wednesday include Bitcoin ABC 0.19.4, Bchd 0.14.2, Bitprim 0.19.0, and the Bitcoin Unlimited Cash Edition There are two protocol features that will be added to the chain: Segwit recovery and the highly anticipated Schnorr signatures.
ABC node to split BCH/BSV
Go1dfish undelete link
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Author: autofocus111
1: *ead.**sh/*sploi*/q**ck-g*i*e-*o*s*l*tt*n*-your-**h-*nd-bsv*w*th-electr*n-cash-5*894a80 2: news.bitc****rr*signat*res*await-**tc**n**ash-as*the-*ext***r**draws-n*a
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Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?

Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?
Hello, everyone, It’s been a long time since you heard our team, someone thought we were gone, someone was waiting, and someone disappeared himself.
All this time we have worked hard to bring you good news. We will tell you what we have prepared for you, what events will be soon, what you can use right now and what else will be new in the year. And so, let’s go!

Preparing for listing on the exchange

The pandemic period played into the hands of the entire team and we managed to build beauty in our services. In anticipation of the exchange, the team tidied up the sites and services and connected new tools. First of all, we paid attention to the preparation of all services for a foreign audience, taking into account its mentality.
New sections, localizations, nice things, and much more to ensure the most efficient use of the TKEY resource. In addition to the new tabs, the services that we will talk about in this material, there is a special page for representatives of the exchange with the necessary documentation for listing —

Full localization

Already today the official website available in 5 languages: Russian, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).
We made adjustments to the Russian and English versions of the site, including support for Korean and Chinese for each section of the site. Professionals in their field, native speakers translated and adapted the information as it should be, and we, in turn, structured and framed it properly. So welcome!
We will update language support for the site, and soon it will include support for all languages that are available in the mobile app.

QR Codes for Asian Audience
Our friends and residents of Asian countries actively use QR codes in their lives, both when paying in stores and when working with websites. QR codes are used almost everywhere when renting a car or bike, we just open the phone, scan and the mode of transport becomes available for use, anything is available for rent, even a battery, even an umbrella.
“It was a hot May day. Seven-year-old Wang Jiaozui came out of school and saw his grandfather, who came to pick him up. He was standing in the sun, and his shirt was soaked with sweat. Jiaozui invited the grandfather to buy a cold Cola in the shop, but he forgot her purse at home. It turned out that this is not important — the boy took his grandfather’s smartphone and called the payment app with a QR code on the screen.” ©
What to say if QR codes are used even to identify entire farms. By pasting QR codes on farm buildings and then scanning them, government inspectors can quickly figure out who owns the building and whether its owners are violating any laws.
We must be on the trend! Now a special library generates QR codes for the desired page, any tab on the site in Chinese and Korean-accompanied by a QR code that leads to the requested page: fast, convenient, and simple.
Providing this opportunity to our colleagues and future users of Tkeycoin from Asia is a friendly approach and most importantly, a strategic step on our part. After implementing QR codes, we are undoubtedly drawn into the convenience of this function, which we recommend to You:) If you like it, we will make QR codes on the Russian and English versions of the site.

Buying and withdrawing cryptocurrency to a Bankcard
On the site, you can now buy Bitcoin for pound, dollars, euro, and any other currency. This is a powerful automated service for instant exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. The system works around the clock and seven days a week, allowing everyone to conduct exchanges at any time of the day and in the shortest possible time.
Withdrawal to a Bank card will be available until the end of the month, we finish the details, the page is available now, and the withdrawal itself will be activated during this week. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency right now.
These features are the future for the function of purchasing any product or service for TKEY at any point of sale, which will form the basis of the mobile app, quickly, conveniently, and most importantly, observing the letter of the law.
All we do is build an Empire that is being built before your eyes. Every service and product is connected, so any update promises the appearance of even more cool and effective features than before.

Buying cryptocurrency for pound, dollars, euros, and other currencies

At the end of February, we told you that we are working on building a payment service that will include the provision of services: buy cryptocurrencies, sell a cryptocurrency, withdraw cryptocurrency to Bank cards, etc.
This day has come, now you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether USDT, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Algorand (ALGO), Tron (TRX), OKB (Token
The purchase is available in any currency: Russian ruble, US Dollar, Euro, British pound, Ukrainian hryvnia, Indonesian rupiah, South Korean won, Japanese yen, Turkish Lira, Argentine peso.
As you can see, the currency corridors are quite extensive, which allows you to make exchanges fast and at a favorable rate. Just choose the right pair to exchange or buy, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
Even if this wide list does not include the currency you want to buy, such as Bitcoin or USDT, it’s okay — the service will automatically convert your currency into the payment currency and the Bank will make the exchange. Exchanges take place within 1–3 minutes, it is enough to pass quick verification once, which allows you to work with a volume of > 15,000 euros per month.

Exchange of cryptocurrencies for pound, dollars, euros, and withdrawal of Bankcard

In addition to the fact that you can now easily buy a cryptocurrency for fiat currencies, pound, dollars or any other, during this week we will finish work on the withdrawal to a Bank card and you can easily withdraw your profit to the card, the most important thing is that this is a completely legal method, and all operations pass through banks and jurisdictions where work with digital assets is legalized.
This means that when you buy or make a withdrawal to the card, you get legal funds that are credited to you by the Bank or payment system.
If you are used to working with effective tools that work in a new way, or rather correctly and legally, then this service is for you. Fast crediting, easy exchange, a large selection of currency pairs, that’s what the company is betting on.
We work with the most reliable third-party partners to make your cryptocurrency process easy and convenient, and most importantly safe for You. The service supports plastic and virtual Bank cards VISA, MasterCard, MIR, and other payment systems for fast payment processing.
On the exchange page, you can choose any currency pair to exchange in the opposite direction, for example, GBP to BTC or USD to BTC. Choose a suitable pair for exchange, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies for exchange: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
How it works
When buying cryptocurrency for the first time, your Bank reserves (holds) the requested amount, then this amount is transferred to the authorization waiting state. As soon as the Bank freezes the fiat funds, the service fixes the exchange rate at the time of creating the application, reserves the cryptocurrency, and provides you with 30–40 minutes to complete verification. After successful verification, the service charges cryptocurrency to the wallet.

Quick verification

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As you understand, you need to pass verification 1 time, regardless of whether you withdraw funds or buy currency, after passing verification, all services are available to You without any further confirmation.

New currency

Support for other currencies, including TKEY, will be added gradually and highlighted through service updates. As for the TKEY exchange, it will become available in exchange services after listing on the exchange. Listing on an exchange allows you to automate the exchange process, link the necessary services, and most importantly, the exchange provides liquidity, which is key when we talk about exchanging for a particular currency.
We will tell you more about the operation of the service and its advantages, chips, in a separate material dedicated to the withdrawal and purchase of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, as well as touch on various banking issues and tell you how you can combine the SWAP service for more efficient exchange and withdrawal to the card.

Charitable activity

By making an exchange or purchase of cryptocurrency, you help children and people who need our help. We deduct 0.1% of the profit from each transaction to charity funds.
This is the fastest and most comfortable way of charity, which allows you to bring together people who are not indifferent to other people’s problems. TKEY enables people to do good deeds, and the resulting turnover profit of 0.1% is sent to charity funds every month. Together with You, we create new opportunities for people in need who need help — “Big things have small beginnings”.
How does it work?
You have made an exchange or purchase operation, the company has accumulated the volume of these operations for a month->the company has chosen a charity Fund->sent funds to the charity Fund’s account. Priority charity funds are children’s aid funds. You can always suggest a candidate for a particular Fund by sending a message to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Why do we write Funds and not a Fund?
This is the first launch of the service, so depending on the monthly volume, we will focus on distributing funds to one charity or several. For example, if we have accumulated $ 10,000, we can distribute $ 5,000 to 2 funds. if we have accumulated $ 100, it is logical that we will only send this amount to 1 Fund. With the development of the service, we will be able to focus on several funds, which we will actively help due to the received volume.

New sections, improvements for existing services

Menu logic and site structure

The menu logic has been revised. now more items are available on the menu and they are divided into sections. Navigation through the sections has become much easier and more convenient. for some sections, QR codes are available for Russian and English-speaking audiences, and for representatives of Asian countries, all sections are available by QR code.


New blocks were added, the entire page was fully localized and is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Russian, and QR codes were added for easy navigation for the Asian audience.

Documentation for the exchange

We have already mentioned that there is a section for exchanges with the necessary documentation for listing, now it is available in English. In the next updates, it will be translated into Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean.

Market Data (Coin Data)

The market data section has been optimized for mobile apps. Charts are expanded and optimized page borders for most mobile devices, and you can search for cryptocurrencies and tokens that interest you.


Added answers to frequently asked questions in various sections of the site, You can find the information directly on the section page, for example, TKEY-QT, SWAP or Core. Right on the page there is a FAQ section, in which we disclose answers to questions, for example: How are You going to solve the scalability problem, or why did you choose Phoenix as the logo and symbol of the project, or how do you exchange cryptocurrency for pound or dollars? As you can see, you can get answers to different questions, depending on the topic of the site section.


For convenience, the site’s footer has been expanded and new sections (quick tabs) are included, which are also available in the QR-code format. In addition to various details, the footer is now accompanied by the company’s coat of arms — the Phoenix, which is the symbol of the entire community, the Phoenix Alliance.

Page 404

Added page 404, which is also an integral part of the site. now when you go to a non-existent site page, all the necessary menu items are fully available to us, which will quickly Orient You and direct you to the desired section.

What is waiting for us in the nearest future?

In addition to various improvements, connecting services, our team has been working every day on other main areas of the Tkeycoin project, which are already being prepared for the next release and we will tell you what updates, what plans, events, and what else will be interesting this year.

Online conference with management

An online conference in question-answer format will be organized. The main task of the conference, in addition to questions and answers, is to discuss plans, talk about new directions, touch on issues of legislation, and analyze current issues of users.
The online meeting format will allow you to get feedback and discuss a large number of issues in a short time. Questions related to technical support and other questions that can be answered through the administration will not be discussed.
The meeting involves the development, constructive, and suggestions from users for further development of the Tkeycoin project. If you are interested in participating in the conference, you can also make business proposals during it, please use the time to your advantage. We work for you.

New content: reports, new categories, useful information

Based on user feedback, we introduce new categories to our content plan:
Reports This section will be accompanied by information about the work done by the team for the month, the format of submission — abstracts, highlights. This format will help establish feedback between users and developers.
In addition to the content that we produce ourselves, users have questions that arise during the process of working with the project’s services, as well as during interaction with the project itself. To avoid making guesses and making up stories, we have introduced the question-answer category.
Users ask questions in comments, and the company prepares answers based on the questions and they are published in the post. Depending on the number of questions, the post generates all the answers, or the post is divided into parts if the number of questions for the past period was the largest. In addition to asking questions, you can make suggestions to the project, for example, about new features or directions.
This format also builds feedback and helps to improve all services. the most important thing is that it can not only help us but also you, as the offer and questions will help you focus on the tasks that the end-user wants to see.

TKEY-POOL (Tkeycoin pool)

We are completing the work and debugging of the official pool for Tkeycoin, this is a completely new approach for mining Tkeycoin. The pool will feature higher performance and stable architecture, a light interface, and objective commissions.
A pool is a highly loaded system that works 24/7/365, it turns out that such a product hides a sufficient number of lines of code and, most importantly, is built on a reliable architecture that can withstand +50000–100000 miners, not to mention the number of connected devices for this number of miners.
A cryptocurrency pool is a combination of the hardware power of many miners at once to increase the probability of finding a block. The reward for a block obtained by the pool is distributed among all participants.
The TKEY pool is developed taking into account the features of the Tkeycoin blockchain, including multi-blockchain, transaction model, hashing, blocks, and other nuances that are an upgrade of the blockchain among others. Together with the pool, the TKEY network is being tested: high loads, attacks, and other tests that show positive results, proving that the TKEY blockchain can work under any loads and is protected from attacks.
Our task was to: 1. Stable system for handling high loads; 2. Adaptation pool for any software; 3. Connecting any hardware for mining cryptocurrency Tkeycoin; 4. Fair remuneration calculation; 5. Security.
The main goal is for any user, regardless of the software and hardware used, to be able to connect to Tkeycoin mining via a pool. The first releases will be accompanied by a simple user-friendly interface, easy connection, instructions for various mining programs that can be connected.
In future releases, we will optimize the operation of the pool, add new features, as well as tracking functions and other nice things. any suggestions from miners and the community are interesting to us and will be implemented, so do not hesitate to send your suggestions after the launch.

Work on the TkeySpace mobile app is also not standing still. We will soon release updates for TkeySpace on Android and iOS.
This release is a complete transition to the most stable version of the mobile wallet. This means that after the update, even with the largest changes, the user will not need to completely reinstall or restore to use the new features, as before, just update the app via the AppStore or GooglePlay.
Between the previous update has been a sufficient amount of time, on average, updates are released once a month. This update will be one of the major ones. We are finishing work on the code to prepare the app for the new features that will be available this year. Besides, we are improving the app’s logic, data processing speed, optimizing the code, restoring order, and preparing for the global market.

Exchange, purchase of cryptocurrency and withdrawal to the Debit/Credit Card
In addition to pleasant optimizations, the app will display the exchange and withdrawal to a Bankcard, tab with an optimized page for exchange, withdrawal, and the purchase will be available directly in the mobile app. This upgrade will also capture the cryptocurrency exchange SWAP page, which can be evaluated after the update. Other features and new features will be announced by the developers immediately after the release.

SWAP Update

The development team is finishing work on optimizing the SWAP service. Regardless of updates, it is available in working mode 24/7/365. The team is working on improving the operation, optimizing the page, changing the interfaces, improving navigation, and speeding up query processing. This update is also among the upcoming ones, along with the pool, mobile wallets, and other news that will excite.

Network Statistics

In the network statistics section, there are several sections that will be fixed — this is the hash rate of the network and the volume of Tkeycoin. Now the volume of Tkeycoin is displayed by mTKEY, and the graph itself indicates M TKEY, the user may incorrectly understand the volume of transactions in the network, so, given the current volume, it is advisable to switch the display to TKEY, and in the future switch to mTKEY for large volumes.
TKEY is divided into cryptograms (CryptoGramm, cgr), uTKEY (keys), and mTKEY. 1 TKEY = 100 000 000 cryptograms. 1 mTKEY = 100,000 cryptograms. 1 TKEY contains 1000 mTKEY. 1 mTKEY = 0.00100000 TKEY 1 uTKEY =100 cryptograms 1 TKEY contains 1,000,000 utkeys. 1 uTKEY (keys) = 0.00000100 TKEY 1 cgr = 0.00000001 TKEY

Cryptocurrency Exchange

This issue has become the cause of mass discussions, disputes, investigations, the subject of memes, kitchen, and online conversations, that just did not happen, that TKEY is not taken anywhere, someone made guesses that we are waiting for everyone to run away, or TKEY is a world conspiracy and around some actors, you can write a book or shoot a great series, not worse than Breaking Bad.
Jokes, jokes, but the question is serious. Since the 4th quarter of last year, the company has been actively working on the issue of listing, prepared the necessary platform for this, held several meetings, negotiations, released the necessary products, figured out various transfers of funds to the blockchain, worked out many small things, many major issues that were behind the scenes. Everything is ready, and it’s time to start soon. This will be a surprise, believe it or not, and we will meet you on the stock exchanges :)

What other plans does the company have?

Enabling payment at retail outlets

After entering the exchange, we will actively engage in connecting payments to implement them and link them to TKEY. The plan, strategy, and legal component are ready.

Payment development

This implies the development of payments and services that will expand the use of digital currencies in the commercial sphere. Application on the territory of Russia will depend on the Federal law on the CFA, in any case, we plan to analyze the law, after its release, to find a legal way to implement payments based on blockchain and digital assets. Therefore, until the law is released, we are keeping this initiative in the future, and we will work on other jurisdictions that will support it.
We left some plans behind the scenes, because they will make the greatest impact on the market and the value of our asset, and this — likes silence.

What useful materials will be released soon?

How to effectively use the SWAP service together with the exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency from a Bank card?

We will tell you in detail how to use these 2 services, how to save on payments and purchases, how to exchange tokens that are very difficult to exchange, how to quickly get money for them to the card, and much more.

The law CFA

Our opinion about the law of cryptocurrencies in Russia, what to pay attention to, what to prepare for, how to act if there is a complete ban. Let’s talk about legal nuances and banking practices.

TKEY blockchain

In this material, we will talk about the blockchain, analyze the issues of the system, expand the questions on attacks, payment processing, and touch on the system of multiple chains. The article suggests your suggestions, perhaps someone will have ideas that we will implement in the chain.
At the end,
Don’t forget to ask questions in the comments or send suggestions to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) we will be happy to respond and consider your requests for any of our services. Collaboration, feedback, help us make the whole platform better.
Thank you for being with us! Until new meetings, stay tuned for news, updates, because the most unexpected news comes spontaneously.
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This New Association Wants Governments to Embrace Blockchain

(Image source: Pixabay)Here in the US, government hearings have been debating the benefits and dangers of blockchain and related technologies like cryptocurrency. Some meetings have arguably been more productive than others. But that hasn’t stopped advocates in both the public and private sector from touting the benefits of blockchain technology across nearly every industry.
Now, a new non-profit organization is aiming to bring blockchain developers and engineers together with the sole purpose of building applications for government use.
The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is developing a decentralized platform that will utilize multiple blockchains to create an interoperable network for use cases including auditing, budgeting, revenue collection, permitting, and licensing.
According to the GBA, “The goal of this blockchain is to make government applications like license management, or permitting a government shared-service.” Governments have duplicate processes at all levels down to state, city, and county, and the GBA believes blockchain offers a means of streamlining all of this. If you’re applying for a building permit, for example, instead of having to file forms with multiple jurisdictions, you can share information across jurisdictions in a way that is secure and verifiable thanks to blockchain’s decentralized encryption.
The platform, which the association is calling the Government Business Blockchain Platform (GBBP), will also allow government blockchains to interact with other public and private blockchains. This will enable governments to keep data within their own network, but also pass data across other government and non-government blockchains if needed. The nature of blockchain adds layers of security to make this possible since no single owner can change any data on the network without the consensus of the blockchain participants.
With so many blockchain solutions already out there – Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA, Ripple – it’s not likely any organization or government will adopt only one. Even if the US government were to adopt a universal solution, that wouldn’t necessarily affect the private sector. Gerard Daché, Executive Director of the GBA, said this is why the GBA is focusing its efforts on interoperability.
“I think it makes perfect sense to leverage all of the existing technology as well as research and develop new generations of technology.,” he toldDesign News. “I don’t think that in the end there will only be one. The new ecosystem should embrace many blockchains that can interoperate. We want to help build bridges that support interoperability.”
Daché said the GBA currently has about 15,000 members in about 100 cities. About half are in the United States. The rest are distributed between Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and Oceana.
Some of the working group projects the GBA is currently focused on include:
But does the idea of a government blockchain run contrary to the spirit of the technology? Many who were around in the early days of Bitcoin will remember a big part of the appeal of cryptocurrency was the proposition of a decentralized currency that wouldn’t be controlled by any government – giving citizens truly anonymous buying power (for better or worse).
Daché maintains that the organization is not a lobbying group and will not be participating in talks related to the regulation of blockchain
“GBA is a business league,” he told Design News. “While we are a great resource for regulators and have provided support to government leaders, our primary interest is not lobbying or trying to influence policy. Our primary goal is to help the public and private sector connect, communicate, and collaborate.”
In terms of concerns about government controlled blockchains Daché offers a more measured response. “I think people confuse blockchain with distributed ledgers,” he said. “There are some things that enterprises should control. However, blockchain is a new decentralized governance model. Let’s see where it takes us and what we can, and should be done with it. It’s early. We are all still trying to figure it out.”
Chris Wiltz is a Senior Editor atDesign News covering emerging technologies including AI, VAR, blockchain, and robotics.
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Mantenha-se informado 28/03

📰 JRMUNEWS 🗞 Ano 2 – Nº 405 🗺 Notícias do Brasil e do Mundo 🗓 Sábado, 28 de março de 2020 ⏳ 88º dia do ano no calendário gregoriano 🌘 Lua Crescente 11% visível
💭 Frase do dia: "A verdadeira coragem é ir atrás de seu sonho mesmo quando todos dizem que ele é impossível." - Cora Coralina
Hoje é dia... 🔹 das Comunicações Navais 🔹 do Diagramador 🔹 das Lutas Estudantis 🔹 do Movimento Hora do Planeta 🔹 do Revisor
😇 Santo do dia: 🔹 São Guntrano 🔹 São Xisto III
🎂 Municípios aniversariantes: Fonte: IBGE • Alto do Rodrigues-RN • Augusto Correa-PA • Campos dos Goytacazes-RJ • Charqueadas-RS • Dobrada-SP • Embu-Guaçu-SP • Gararu-SE • Guzolândia-SP • Indiaroba-SE • Itaporanga d'Ajuda-SE • Juquitiba-SP • Muribeca-SE • Queiroz-SP • Rondinha-RS • Tutóia-MA • Uchoa-SP
🇧🇷 BRASIL 🇧🇷 ✍ Bolsonaro diz desconfiar do número de vítimas do coronavírus em SP ✍ Governo anuncia R$ 40 bi para financiar salários de empresas ✍ Ações para enfrentar coronavírus totalizam R$ 700 bi, diz Guedes ✍ Governo proíbe temporariamente entrada de estrangeiros no Brasil ✍ Prefeitos dizem que Bolsonaro gera insegurança e ameaçam ir à Justiça ✒ Rodrigo Maia considera medidas econômicas importantes, mas tímidas ✒ Senado votará na segunda auxílio de R$ 600 para trabalhadores ✒ Câmara aprova dispensa de atestado médico a trabalhador com covid-19 ⚖ MPF quer impedir acesso de turistas a comunidades tradicionais em SP ⚖ Moraes autoriza rito simplificado para tramitação de MPs ⚖ Justiça derruba decreto de Bolsonaro que liberava igrejas e lotéricas ⚖ Tribunal cassa prisão domiciliar e mantém doleiro Dario Messer na cadeia ⚖ Lewandowski concede prisão domiciliar a mãe que amamenta em prisão de SP ⚖ STF valida lei do Paraná que permite venda de bebidas em estádios ⚖ Justiça proíbe Bolsonaro de adotar medidas contra isolamento social 📌 Entidades religiosas reforçam necessidade do isolamento social 📌 Governadores articulam campanha contra Covid-19 em reação a Bolsonaro 📌 Filhos de Bolsonaro se filiam ao Republicanos, partido de Crivella 📍 Governador do Rio vai decretar mais 15 dias de medidas restritivas 📍 Crivella pede liberação de FGTS para trabalhadores no Rio 📍 Eduardo Paes vira réu em investigação sobre obra de complexo para as Olimpíadas 📍 Paraíba multará quem compartilha 'fake news' sobre coronavírus 📍 Doria faz boletim de ocorrência após receber ameaça de morte 🌳 Sitiante leva multa de mais de R$ 20 mil por derrubada irregular de árvores em Alfredo Marcondes-SP 📊 Brasileiro teme bem mais o coronavírus do que efeitos econômicos, indica pesquisa
🌎 INTERNACIONAL 🌍 🇨🇳 China volta a fechar cinemas por medo de nova onda de covid-19 🇺🇸 Pastor que chamou coronavírus de histeria morre da doença nos EUA 🇬🇧 Após minimizar pandemia, premiê britânico anuncia que foi infectado 🇮🇹 Prefeito de Milão na Itália diz que foi um erro tentar manter cidade funcionando 🇻🇦 Em ato inédito, Papa reza sozinho e concede perdão coletivo Urbi et Orbi 🇮🇹 Itália vai estender fechamento de escolas por coronavírus 🇦🇷 Argentina decreta fechamento total de fronteiras até o fim do mês 🇫🇷 França estende quarentena de coronavírus por mais duas semanas 🇺🇸 Secretário do Tesouro dos EUA diz estar satisfeito com aprovação de pacote de US$ 2 trilhões
🖤 MORTES 🖤 ✝ Daniel Azulay, desenhista, vítima de coronavírus, no Rio, aos 72 anos ✝ Bob Andy, cantor de reggae do hit 'Young, Gifted and Black', aos 75 anos
🧫 CORONAVÍRUS (Covid-19) 😷 😷 Brasil tem 92 mortes e 3,4 mil casos confirmados 😷 Casos passam de 100 mil nos EUA; são 25 mil mortes no mundo 😷 Um terço da população mundial está em isolamento 😷 Receita Federal doa 5 milhões de luvas para combate ao coronavírus 😷 Entidades alertam para importância do isolamento contra a covid-19 😷 Vírus pode sobreviver até 3 dias fora do corpo; depende da superfície
💰 ECONOMIA 💲 💰 Ibovespa cai 5,5%, mas tem melhor semana desde março de 2016; dólar sobe a R$ 5,10 💰 Petrobras reduz preço da gasolina em 5% e o do diesel em 3% nas refinarias 💰 Ipea sugere reajustar Bolsa Família em 29%, mais R$ 450 por família 💰 Caixa considera pausar prestações de imóveis por até 6 meses 💰 Corte na arrecadação de Sesc/Senac pode causar demissão de 10 mil 💰 Contas de luz terão bandeira verde em abril, sem cobrança extra, diz Aneel 💲 Bolsas europeias caem, mas têm melhor semana desde 2011 💲 Presidente da Caixa defende redução dos juros de todas as linhas de crédito 💲 24% das empresas operam com paralisação parcial ou total na indústria eletroeletrônica 💲 Empresas anunciam doações para combate a pandemia de coronavírus no Brasil 💲 Fitch rebaixa rating do Reino Unido de AA para AA-, com perspectiva negativa 📊 Indicadores 27/3: 🏦 Ibovespa 73428 pontos 📉 💵 Dólar Canadá R$ 3,648 📈 💵 Dólar Comercial R$ 5,108 📈 💵 Dólar Turismo R$ 4,90📈 💶 Euro R$ 5,621 📈 💷 Libra R$ 6,296 📈 💸 Bitcoin R$ 31.736,60 📉 💸 Bitcoin Cash R$ 1.063,24 📉 💸 XRP R$ 0,87 📉 🔶 Ouro (g) R$ 266,83📈 ⚪ Prata (g) R$ 2,3757📈 💰 Poupança 0,245% a.m. 💰 Selic 3,75% a.a. 💰 CDI 3,65% a.a. 💰 IPCA a.m. fev/20 0,25% 💰 IPCA a.a. 2020 0,4605% 💰 IPCA acum. 12m 4,0049% ⛽ Petróleo Brent (barril) US$ 25.065📉 ⛏ Minério de Ferro 62% US$ 88,60 🐂 Boi (@) R$ 200,50📉 💨 Algodão (@) R$ 90,23 📈 ☕ Café (sc) R$ 566,67📉 🌽 Milho (sc) R$ 59,50 📈 🥚 Ovos (30 dz) R$ 102,16↔ 🥜 Soja (sc) R$ 98,82📈
🔬 CIÊNCIA, TECNOLOGIA & SAÚDE 💓 💓 Fiocruz comandará estudo clínico sobre covid-19 em novo centro 🖱 Download do game brasileiro 'Gartic' dispara 1.600% na quarentena
🏆 ESPORTES 🏆 ☑ Com campeonatos parados, PSG e Barcelona reduzem salários ☑ Ajax recebe multa por confusão com Deyverson e cadeiras quebradas ☑ Corinthians divulga símbolo comemorativo dos 110 anos de história
🎭 ARTE & FAMA 🌟 🎙 Dua Lipa lança 'Future Nostalgia', pop perfeito para aliviar dias difíceis 🎙 Bob Dylan lança música inédita de 17 minutos após oito anos de hiato 🎙 Sem produzir músicas desde 2016, Rihanna lança 'Believe It' de surpresa 🎙 Em meio a pandemia do coronavírus, MV Bill lança single 'Quarentena' 🎙 Julia Konrad lança seu primeiro single, ''Vuelve'', versão de Johnny Hooker 🎙 Pearl Jam lança 'Gigaton', primeiro álbum em sete anos 🎙 Assessoria de Eduardo Costa nega doação de R$ 2,5 milhões 🎙 Bon Jovi lança música com participação do príncipe Harry; 'Unbroken' 🎙 Till Lindemann, vocalista do Rammstein, é internado na UTI e teste para coronavírus dá negativo 🌟 Após passar por UTI, jornalista Marcelo Magno da Globo Piauí tem alta hospitalar 🌟 Empresa de Kim Kardashian vai doar US$ 1 milhão para combate ao coronavírus 🌟 Justiça de São Paulo manda marcar exame de DNA em Silvio Santos 📺 Grey's Anatomy terá 16ª temporada encurtada por causa do coronavírus 📺 Cão que interpretou lobo de Bran em 'GoT' morre após luta contra câncer 📺 Após queixa de bispo da Record, SBT afasta Lívia Andrade do 'Fofocalizando' 📺 Dispensa de visagista da CNN Brasil gera medo por mais demissões 🎞 Doutor Estranho 2 começará filmagens em junho, sem atraso pelo coronavírus 🎞 Coleção de R$ 600 mil em armas dos filmes de '007' é roubada em Londres
🔎 #FAKENEWS: Não é verdade que Ronaldo Caiado é cercado pelo povo de Goiás após anunciar que rompeu com Bolsonaro. Fonte:
🛳 TURISMO ✈ 🎒 Conheça Praia do Espelho-BA: Um dos destinos mais visitados na alta temporada na Bahia tem nome: Praia do Espelho. O nome sugestivo é facilmente explicado. Antes chamada de Coruípe, a praia mudou de nome por abrigar águas tão claras que mais parecem espelhos refletindo paisagens paradisíacas. As outras praias do entorno tão lindas quanto Espelho são: Setiquara, Outeiro, Jacumã e dos Amores, acessíveis a partir de caminhadas na maré baixa. O clima bucólico fica evidente na areia das praias em que não se encontra sequer uma cadeira de plástico. As barracas dispõem caprichosamente de espreguiçadeiras com almofadas e esteiras sobre a areia trazendo o máximo de conforto aos visitantes. Alguns mirantes acima das falésias revelam exuberâncias. Alguns passeios de barco partindo da Praia do Espelho estão entre opções divertidas em direção ao Rio dos Frades, Trancoso, Caraíva e Corumbau. As pousadas são como uma extensão das praias, pois oferecem tanta tranquilidade, conforto e belezas quanto as paisagens litorâneas. Além da vista que descortina o mar, os quartos são equipados com tecnologia de ponta, camas espaçosas, ambientes arejados ao ar livre com espaço para gazebos e redes, piscinas e algumas com hidromassagem. Algumas abrigam quadra de esportes e salão de jogos. Assim, as noites de lazer são garantidas. Ao anoitecer as velas são acesas e um espaço para jantar ao ar livre é preparado. A fartura de pratos gastronômicos e carregados de sabores é garantido. Se quiser mais agitação procure algumas barracas de praia que, vez ou outra, tocam música ao vivo e também servem deliciosos pratos regionais. Muitos turistas optam por fazer um bate volta de Trancoso, devido aos altos preços. Porém, nada como passar uns dias desfrutando da paisagem. Fonte: Guia Viagens Brasil
📚 FIQUE SABENDO... ... O que aconteceria se os polos Sul e Norte derretessem? ⁉ De acordo com Paulo Roberto dos Santos, professor do Instituto de Geociências da USP, se as geleiras subitamente derretessem os resultados seriam catastróficos. “A Flórida, nos Estados Unidos, por exemplo, ficaria reduzida a apenas quatro pequenas ilhas”, afirma. Segundo ele vastas áreas costeiras, hoje densamente povoadas, ficariam submersas e poderiam se tornar um gigantesco aquário, dominado por organismos marinhos que acompanhariam a subida do nível do mar por volta de 70 metros. Paulo Roberto dos Santos afirma ainda que a catástrofe e o custo desse evento estão muito além dos nossos cálculos e compreensão. Fonte: O Guia dos Curiosos
📖 BÍBLIA: Meus irmãos, considerem motivo de grande alegria o fato de passarem por diversas provações, pois vocês sabem que a prova da sua fé produz perseverança. E a perseverança deve ter ação completa, a fim de que vocês sejam maduros e íntegros, sem que falte a vocês coisa alguma. Tiago 1:2-4 🙏
Que seu dia seja como a vontade de DEUS: bom, perfeito e agradável!! 🥖
By JRMUNEWS 🐞 🗺 Pariquera-Açu-SP 📝 Fazendo diferente e a diferença
Visite, curta, siga, comente, avalie, compartilhe nossa página no Facebook:
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Build feature vectors from nested data

I am working with a nested JSON dataset containing various fields with different levels of granularity. The task is to evaluate some classification models to predict whether or not a user will be a fraudster.
json {"fraudulent": false, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "400-108-5415", "customerDevice": "yyeiaxpltf82440jnb3v", "customerIPAddress": "", "customerBillingAddress": "5493 Jones Islands\nBrownside, CA 51896"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "vjbdvd", "orderAmount": 18, "orderState": "pending", "orderShippingAddress": "5493 Jones Islands\nBrownside, CA 51896"}, {"orderId": "yp6x27", "orderAmount": 26, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "5493 Jones Islands\nBrownside, CA 51896"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "wt07xm68b", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": true, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Citizens First Banks"}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "a9lcj51r", "orderId": "vjbdvd", "paymentMethodId": "wt07xm68b", "transactionAmount": 18, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "y4wcv03i", "orderId": "yp6x27", "paymentMethodId": "wt07xm68b", "transactionAmount": 26, "transactionFailed": false}]} {"fraudulent": true, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "1-788-091-7546", "customerDevice": "r0jpm7xaeqqa3kr6mzum", "customerIPAddress": "", "customerBillingAddress": "356 Elizabeth Inlet Suite 120\nPort Joshuabury, NM 37681"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "nlghpa", "orderAmount": 45, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "898 Henry Ports\nNew Keithview, CA 95893-2497"}, {"orderId": "uw0eeb", "orderAmount": 23, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "356 Elizabeth Inlet Suite 120\nPort Joshuabury, NM 37681"}, {"orderId": "bn44oh", "orderAmount": 43, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "5093 Bryan Forks\nJoshuaton, FM 01565-9801"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "y3xp697jx", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": true, "paymentMethodType": "bitcoin", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Solace Banks"}, {"paymentMethodId": "6krszxc05", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Vertex Bancorp"}, {"paymentMethodId": "5z1szj2he", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Diners Club / Carte Blanche", "paymentMethodIssuer": "His Majesty Bank Corp."}, {"paymentMethodId": "m52tx8e1s", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Mastercard", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Vertex Bancorp"}, {"paymentMethodId": "41ug157xz", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "bitcoin", "paymentMethodProvider": "American Express", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Bastion Banks"}, {"paymentMethodId": "4dpg5sx2b", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Maestro", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Her Majesty Trust"}, {"paymentMethodId": "bcx9pa3wf", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Fountain Financial Inc."}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "5mi94sfw", "orderId": "nlghpa", "paymentMethodId": "41ug157xz", "transactionAmount": 45, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "br8ba1nu", "orderId": "uw0eeb", "paymentMethodId": "41ug157xz", "transactionAmount": 23, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "a33145ss", "orderId": "bn44oh", "paymentMethodId": "y3xp697jx", "transactionAmount": 43, "transactionFailed": true}]} {"fraudulent": false, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "024.420.0375", "customerDevice": "4m7h5ipl1shyavt6vv2r", "customerIPAddress": "67b7:3db8:67e0:3bea:b9d0:90c1:2b60:b9f0", "customerBillingAddress": "8478 Sean Ridges Apt. 441\nDavisberg, PR 72250"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "yk34y2", "orderAmount": 33, "orderState": "failed", "orderShippingAddress": "8478 Sean Ridges Apt. 441\nDavisberg, PR 72250"}, {"orderId": "28v6b0", "orderAmount": 24, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "8478 Sean Ridges Apt. 441\nDavisberg, PR 72250"}, {"orderId": "itnk8y", "orderAmount": 25, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "22396 Victor Lights\nCarsonstad, MO 93914"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "8pneoi03z", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Bastion Banks"}, {"paymentMethodId": "dluy3jka0", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Discover", "paymentMethodIssuer": "His Majesty Bank Corp."}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "q3lyvbza", "orderId": "yk34y2", "paymentMethodId": "8pneoi03z", "transactionAmount": 33, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "3alf9irw", "orderId": "28v6b0", "paymentMethodId": "8pneoi03z", "transactionAmount": 24, "transactionFailed": true}, {"transactionId": "69w9wymx", "orderId": "28v6b0", "paymentMethodId": "8pneoi03z", "transactionAmount": 24, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "pegqc4ud", "orderId": "itnk8y", "paymentMethodId": "dluy3jka0", "transactionAmount": 25, "transactionFailed": true}, {"transactionId": "uo3slwh7", "orderId": "itnk8y", "paymentMethodId": "8pneoi03z", "transactionAmount": 25, "transactionFailed": false}]} {"fraudulent": false, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "670.664.8168x94985", "customerDevice": "slovx60t0i558may4ks0", "customerIPAddress": "95de:8565:5a66:792c:26e0:6cfb:7d87:11af", "customerBillingAddress": "7769 Elizabeth Bridge Apt. 343\nNortonstad, FM 51359"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "fbz9ep", "orderAmount": 34, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "7769 Elizabeth Bridge Apt. 343\nNortonstad, FM 51359"}, {"orderId": "7odnn6", "orderAmount": 26, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "7769 Elizabeth Bridge Apt. 343\nNortonstad, FM 51359"}, {"orderId": "audx7o", "orderAmount": 25, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "428 Ricardo Mountain\nPort Lorihaven, UT 07665-3981"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "pdxjdwui4", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Voyager", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Grand Credit Corporation"}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "vx4cjc27", "orderId": "fbz9ep", "paymentMethodId": "pdxjdwui4", "transactionAmount": 34, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "yiay9b0n", "orderId": "7odnn6", "paymentMethodId": "pdxjdwui4", "transactionAmount": 26, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "sn3v0ql2", "orderId": "audx7o", "paymentMethodId": "pdxjdwui4", "transactionAmount": 25, "transactionFailed": false}]} {"fraudulent": true, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "1-981-877-0870", "customerDevice": "j0pd24k5h8dl2fqu0cz4", "customerIPAddress": "", "customerBillingAddress": "148 Russell Lodge Apt. 445\nPort Jenniferside, TN 60556-0871"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "56h7iw", "orderAmount": 71, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "148 Russell Lodge Apt. 445\nPort Jenniferside, TN 60556-0871"}, {"orderId": "kowj1v", "orderAmount": 66, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "148 Russell Lodge Apt. 445\nPort Jenniferside, TN 60556-0871"}, {"orderId": "wlznfu", "orderAmount": 69, "orderState": "failed", "orderShippingAddress": "148 Russell Lodge Apt. 445\nPort Jenniferside, TN 60556-0871"}, {"orderId": "hm3rth", "orderAmount": 46, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "620 Alexander Views\nMichaelstad, AK 94959-7484"}, {"orderId": "vvq05w", "orderAmount": 68, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "148 Russell Lodge Apt. 445\nPort Jenniferside, TN 60556-0871"}, {"orderId": "xwo0al", "orderAmount": 59, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "148 Russell Lodge Apt. 445\nPort Jenniferside, TN 60556-0871"}, {"orderId": "2528x8", "orderAmount": 32, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "148 Russell Lodge Apt. 445\nPort Jenniferside, TN 60556-0871"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "w1i1zq3rg", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "apple pay", "paymentMethodProvider": "American Express", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Grand Credit Corporation"}, {"paymentMethodId": "7o30osjpd", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "apple pay", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "His Majesty Bank Corp."}, {"paymentMethodId": "76bw9eqg2", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "apple pay", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "His Majesty Bank Corp."}, {"paymentMethodId": "gehl28i8u", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Bastion Banks"}, {"paymentMethodId": "olr4zf09x", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 13 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Grand Credit Corporation"}, {"paymentMethodId": "s6escw45g", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Solace Banks"}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "q8j3dgni", "orderId": "56h7iw", "paymentMethodId": "olr4zf09x", "transactionAmount": 71, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "xjulqy8x", "orderId": "kowj1v", "paymentMethodId": "gehl28i8u", "transactionAmount": 66, "transactionFailed": true}, {"transactionId": "rvm65vr1", "orderId": "wlznfu", "paymentMethodId": "gehl28i8u", "transactionAmount": 69, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "kckrvagp", "orderId": "hm3rth", "paymentMethodId": "76bw9eqg2", "transactionAmount": 46, "transactionFailed": true}, {"transactionId": "2slep8t9", "orderId": "vvq05w", "paymentMethodId": "s6escw45g", "transactionAmount": 68, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "yd80pfko", "orderId": "xwo0al", "paymentMethodId": "76bw9eqg2", "transactionAmount": 59, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "ckk3ux58", "orderId": "2528x8", "paymentMethodId": "w1i1zq3rg", "transactionAmount": 32, "transactionFailed": false}]} {"fraudulent": true, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "+65(5)8997489788", "customerDevice": "hbww39m1wenbq4ymjhsx", "customerIPAddress": "", "customerBillingAddress": "65233 Hutchinson Mountains\nMartinezside, OR 75588"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "vq7j5b", "orderAmount": 25, "orderState": "pending", "orderShippingAddress": "764 Collier Springs\nJackfurt, NE 95955-5328"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "wferzj9en", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "paypal", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 15 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "B"}, {"paymentMethodId": "n5fj5bc0e", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "p"}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "67qcpl0r", "orderId": "vq7j5b", "paymentMethodId": "n5fj5bc0e", "transactionAmount": 25, "transactionFailed": false}]} {"fraudulent": true, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "05045239487", "customerDevice": "up7afvce5v0omniqlevq", "customerIPAddress": "", "customerBillingAddress": "3960 Emily Fort\nStaceytown, AR 21817-3325"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "sq7rk9", "orderAmount": 40, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "9447 Cook Extensions\nRebeccahaven, NY 78148-0238"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "je76d0ulj", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "apple pay", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 13 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "x"}, {"paymentMethodId": "dgrnyith9", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "e"}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "9jutaun8", "orderId": "sq7rk9", "paymentMethodId": "je76d0ulj", "transactionAmount": 40, "transactionFailed": true}, {"transactionId": "lla8uo92", "orderId": "sq7rk9", "paymentMethodId": "je76d0ulj", "transactionAmount": 40, "transactionFailed": false}]} {"fraudulent": true, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "044-642-9860", "customerDevice": "rjb0adai34izqvys4938", "customerIPAddress": "", "customerBillingAddress": "484 Pamela Pass\nLake Jessicaview, WI 12942-9074"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "kanub7", "orderAmount": 65, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "484 Pamela Pass\nLake Jessicaview, WI 12942-9074"}, {"orderId": "605pbl", "orderAmount": 36, "orderState": "failed", "orderShippingAddress": "484 Pamela Pass\nLake Jessicaview, WI 12942-9074"}, {"orderId": "7fs5td", "orderAmount": 68, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "484 Pamela Pass\nLake Jessicaview, WI 12942-9074"}, {"orderId": "ccuh4k", "orderAmount": 74, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "27513 Betty Gardens Suite 901\nStewartport, CA 27936-0627"}, {"orderId": "lajvhn", "orderAmount": 55, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "484 Pamela Pass\nLake Jessicaview, WI 12942-9074"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "8xex97krx", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Her Majesty Trust"}, {"paymentMethodId": "yxsf33ipw", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "bitcoin", "paymentMethodProvider": "Voyager", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Bulwark Trust Corp."}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "cfoevtai", "orderId": "kanub7", "paymentMethodId": "yxsf33ipw", "transactionAmount": 65, "transactionFailed": true}, {"transactionId": "300mewnx", "orderId": "kanub7", "paymentMethodId": "8xex97krx", "transactionAmount": 65, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "kg0emdbe", "orderId": "605pbl", "paymentMethodId": "yxsf33ipw", "transactionAmount": 36, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "crwqqfpi", "orderId": "7fs5td", "paymentMethodId": "yxsf33ipw", "transactionAmount": 68, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "u2xbyl92", "orderId": "ccuh4k", "paymentMethodId": "8xex97krx", "transactionAmount": 74, "transactionFailed": true}, {"transactionId": "c5w6btep", "orderId": "lajvhn", "paymentMethodId": "8xex97krx", "transactionAmount": 55, "transactionFailed": false}]} I am finding it cumbersome to build a feature vector given the different level of details provided (e.g the dataframe has one row per customer but some objects have one row per order). I am sure I might be able to clumsily stitch something toghether in Pandas but I am wondering what would be the most elegant approach to reach a dataset ready to be split between train/test.
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We need a couple of small changes to barters to make them more worthwhile.

There are so many trades that frankly need an overhaul. I've went through all the trades I currently have unlocked (level 26) and saw that there are many barters that people just won't trade for, while other barters are traded in large quantities (the AKM for Tushonka is a new one that people seem to love).
I propose that those useless barters could be slightly adjusted so it will incentivize people trade for them more. I think it will help low-level players and new-players have a much easier experience when they first start. I don't think changing any of these barters will break the economy but instead will find use for the least used items and will push people to raid more.
Skier & Peacekeeper's barters are actually quite fair.
edit: changed some wording in the introduction.
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03-11 09:24 - 'CASH IN: A Perfectly Symmetrically Delta-Neutral Market Maker' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/h3xadecimal2 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 56-66min



loads of changes. significant change is that it market orders 1/10 of the amount if pos >350 <-350, every interval, and adjusts the 1/10 mark to achieve a consistent 75% maker volume.
This lessens the overall risk and allows for a higher pos_lim_long & short.
The more we can keep delta neutral, the less we have to worry about significant moves.
How's the bot been running for you? Are you my ref also running eth?
We might also want to kill march futures (by default on btc on repo, just remove 'btc-' from 'btc-mar20' and it'll also kill eth mar fut) because we're close to expiry.
SLs now reduce to delta neutral, instead of marketing out the entire position. This is extremely helpful in not losing a whole bunch of $ on SL, meaning we can SL more often.

Check out Coindex Lab’s symmetrically delta-neutral market making bot!

Great news! It’s available here:
(please do sign up under my affiliate link, though!)

How is this fantastic?

Hey Deribit,
I did about $200k volume on BTC perp and futures last 24hrs on $70 balance.
and >$6million total.
my CEO has done $12m
We’re increasing our market maker first to $5k balance next week on a separate account, next pilot will be $150-$300k and then our first round of funding will be ~$50m (which should be a significant amount Deribit but also diversified a bit).
We’re wondering if we could negotiate a preferred fee rebate on top of the standard offer, to provide this kind of liquidity? Even a slight improvement on rebate would be exponential for us.
Chief Liquidity Officer
Coindex Labs

And this is just me talking out loud:
We could certainly provide an endpoint, websocket or SaaS for market making signals if we were to arrange an agreement.
You can follow our livenet market maker on Ryan’s subaccount bot_POC on (redacted email) or here:
How do we negotiate a partner status with Deribit, while we’re preparing to go live with our fund?

Chief Liquidity Officer
Coindex Labs

The bot checks funding rates on Deribit among perpetual and futures, and longs whichever pays the other. When longing or shorting perp and shorting or longing futures, it 4x the longs on perp in ordersize so that — effectually — at any point it should be near 0 total position. This effects a situation where upwards or downwards movement in market doesn’t affect the returns, and you effectively collect on fees + the convergence of your perp and futures in cash n carry arbitrage + the spread.
Isn’t that beautiful?

Originally published at [[link]18 on March 6, 2020.
CASH IN: A Perfectly Symmetrically Delta-Neutral Market Maker
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: h3xadecimal2
1: mediu***om/*ja**ttd*nn/a-pe***ctl*-sym*etric*ll*-**lta-neutral-*ar*et-m*ker-4f5a3ad47*** 2: i.**o**DdYY.*n* 3: gi*hub.*om/D*n*Cr*ati*eSS*deri**tB*tm**Mark*tMak*r*ByFunding 4: i.i**u*.com*1P*U8*c.png 5: *.imgur.***/S*IbPTC.p*g 6: blo*.*erib*t.*om/p*r*ners/ 7: jar*.cl**d*8080 8: **img**/1bIMX** 9: *are.c*oud 10: me**u*.com/@*a*e*td**n/*-perfectl*-s***etr*c*lly-**lta-neut*al*mark*t-maker*4f5a3ad476*2]*^1 11: i.img***oY*DdYY*pn*]^*2 12: *i*h**unn**eat*veS*/d*ribit***mex*arketMaker*_ByFundin*]^*3 13: **img***cU*8c.png]^*4 14: i.***/S*IbPT*.*ng*^^5 15: blog.der*bit.*o*/part***s/*^^* 16: *are.**o*d*8080]^^7 17: i.*mgur*com/1b*MX*x.p*g*^^* 18: j*r**clo*d]^^9
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Kin Community FAQ, Guidelines, & Ecosystem Directory

Kin Community FAQ, Guidelines, & Ecosystem Directory
  1. What is Kin?
  2. Where can I earn & spend Kin?
  3. Where can I buy Kin?
  4. Where can I store Kin?
  5. Why is the total supply so large?
  6. Why isn't Kin on [xyz] exchange? When will it be?
  7. Is there any update on [Y] announcement? Can you speak on [insert rumor here]? When will we be able to do [Z]?
  8. How can I contact the developers / support staff of [insert app name here]?
  9. How can I contact the Kin Foundation?
  10. How can I track transactions on the Kin blockchain?
  11. I still have ERC-20 based Kin (on the Ethereum blockchain), how can I migrate?
  12. I heard the SEC is suing Kik, is that true? What does it mean for Kin?
  13. How was Kin distributed at launch and how does it enter circulation?
  14. I want to integrate Kin into my software project. How do I get started? Where is the developer community?
  15. How can I keep up with the latest developments in Kin?
1 - What is Kin?
Kin is money for the digital world. It can be earned and spent across an entire ecosystem of applications, thanks to the blockchain. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry; you don’t have to. Kin is designed to be accessible by a broad mainstream audience- computer science degree not required. By bringing together developers and users of all kinds to build in a shared new digital economy, we can create a more fair playing field; one in which the developers and content creators that build these virtual realities are rewarded based on their contributions, not harvested for their personal data and attention against their will. If you’d like to learn more about Kin, here are some resources to get you started:
· Kin Website:
· Kin Whitepaper:
· The Vision for Kin:
· Announcement of Kin:
· Introduction to Kin (by u/kyzermf):
2 - Where can I earn & spend Kin?
Kin is going live in a growing number of apps. To see which ones, you can check out the Ecosystem Directory below, or keep up with some of these resources:
· via Kin Website:
· Apps with Kin (by u/Neliss31)
· Kin Appz (by u/hepays)
3 - Where can I buy Kin?
In addition to the ecosystem of apps available to earn Kin, you can also purchase it in larger amounts. It is currently available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges listed here:
· CoinMarketCap Exchanges List for Kin
Note that these are independent organizations and therefore only they can provide guarantees on customer service and experience, please do your due diligence in navigating and utilizing these exchanges. Also note that cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile, trade at your own risk. Kin is money for the digital world, not a stablecoin.
4 - Where can I store Kin?
While using Kin inside of apps, make sure to create a backup of your wallet when possible. It is not recommended that you store large amounts of Kin in your user wallets, and instead seek out a more robust solution. There are lots of subtle differences to the kinds of wallets and how to use them, including trade-offs in security vs convenience. Make sure to do your research and be careful when handling your hard-earned Kin:
Offline (“Cold”) Storage:
· My Kin Wallet
· Guide: Creating A Paper Wallet for Storing Your Kin Safely Offline (by u/TheRealChaseEB)
Hardware Wallets:
· Ledger Hardware Wallets (works with My Kin Wallet)
Software Wallets:
· Trust Wallet (Mobile)
· Atomic Wallet (Mobile & Desktop)
· Guarda Wallet (Mobile & Desktop)
· Magnum Wallet (Web)
5 - Why is the total supply so large?
Kin is meant to be transacted by a large number of users in manageable denominations, just like physical money.
6 - Why isn’t Kin on [xyz] exchange? When will it be?
A healthy market for developers and users is essential to all stakeholders who want to build a vibrant economy around Kin as a currency. That said, a number of blockers have prevented further listings from happening; for example we needed to first have a unified & functional product and underlying technology before pursuing secondary markets. In addition to this there has been regulatory uncertainty surrounding the listing of digital assets in the United States including Kin specifically, especially since the filing of a misleading legal complaint by the US SEC. Due to this, the Kin Foundation is pressing on in other markets on behalf of the ecosystem to try and facilitate more platforms for everyone to buy & use Kin in their different ways. We do not know when Kin will be listed on exchanges, and anyone who does cannot say due to legal and security agreements.
7 - Is there any update on [Y] announcement? Can you speak on [insert rumor here]? When will we be able to do [Z]?
While we believe in maintaining the utmost transparency wherever possible, we will typically announce things as they are ready and report on progress as it becomes pertinent, as to not create unfounded hype and adhere to internal strategies. While it might be tempting to seek constant updates, please remember that answering questions takes time, and everyone is busy working hard to actually build the things we are all excited to see. We will do our best to keep everyone updated on the things they care about. We do not comment on rumors and we may be constricted in our ability to communicate at any given moment on ongoing internal affairs that may fall within certain legal or strategic confines.
8 - How can I contact the developers / support of [insert app name here]?
Please refer to the Kin Ecosystem directory below.
9 - How can I contact the Kin Foundation?
You can email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) , or if you’d like to DM a specific representative or discuss something in an open setting you can also reach out to us and the community here.
Here are some relevant contacts that represent Kin Foundation,Kin Tel Aviv, & Kin San Francisco in the community:
Community u/benji5656
Communications u/kevin_from_kin
Developer Experience (, Kin SDK, and Kin Developer Program) u/therealchaseeb
Blockchain (Core infrastructure of the Kin Blockchain) u/gadi_sr
Ecosystem (High touch integrations with mature developers) u/rinatbogin
KRE (The incentive protocol that drives the growth of the ecosystem) u/oradwe
UX Research u/YonatanDub
Kin San Francisco u/matty_hibs
10 - How can I track transactions on the Kin blockchain?
Here are some resources for monitoring the blockchain:
· via Kin Website
· Kin Explorer (by u/Chancity)
· Kin Bubbles (by u/kidwonder)
· Kin Transaction Visualizer (by u/sednax)
11 - I still have ERC-20 based Kin (on the Ethereum blockchain), how can I migrate?
Follow the directions laid out here:
12 - I heard the SEC is suing Kik, is that true? What does it mean for the Kin Foundation?
It’s true. After cooperating with an investigation and multiple attempts to reach an amicable settlement, the SEC filed a disparaging and mischaracterized complaint against Kik for not registering the initial sale of Kin as a security offering. Kik is fighting back. They are in a unique position to take on this case, however, unlike the initial Wells Notice, the Kin Ecosystem Foundation is not named in the complaint.
As noted by the Blockchain Association:
When we look at the Kik investigation, we can tell from the Wells Notice that the SEC originally looked at both Kik Interactive and the Kin Foundation. However, when the complaint was issued, it only focused on the offering of Kin in the September 2017 token sale, not Kin in the ecosystem today. The fact that the SEC investigated the Kin Foundation, but decided not to pursue a complaint is good news for developers, platforms, and others in the ecosystem who use these tokens because it separates the question of the token sale from the activities in the ecosystem since then. ("What the SEC-Kik complaint didn’t cover — and why this is good news for the crypto community")
As the legal battle rages on, the foundation will help Kik to amplify their defense as they correct the record publicly; but also focus on the development of the ecosystem which will continue beyond the SEC battle regardless. Expect ongoing updates as the fight continues to unfold publicly.
**Update**: - Kik has put together DefendCrypto, a fund dedicated to legal initiatives that benefit the cryptocurrency industry, so that companies that don't have the same resources can stand up against unfair regulation in fights of their own. Visit to learn more and join the fight to defend innovation and participation in the cryptocurrency industry in the United States.
- Kik Answers SEC Complaint: Kik has filed and published a 130 page, paragraph-by-paragraph refutation of the SEC's allegations.
- Additional Resources: Interview w/ Eileen Lyon, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Kik
13 - How was Kin distributed at launch and how does it enter circulation?
The Kin Foundation sold 1 trillion (10% of total supply) in a token distribution event in September 2017 that was split between a pre-sale (487.80 billion sold) and a public sale (512.20 billion sold). Half of the tokens sold during the pre-sale (244 billion) are subject to a one-year lock-up period. Kik received 3 trillion tokens (30% of total supply), which vested at a rate of 300 billion tokens quarterly for 10 quarters, and the Kin Foundation received 6 trillion (60% of total supply). The Kin Foundation tokens will be distributed through the Kin Rewards Engine, which divides the allocation between network participants and marketing and operational costs for the Kin Foundation (6 trillion Kin has been split into 4.5 trillion for network participants, and 1.5 trillion for marketing and other operational costs of the Kin foundation). Kin Foundation tokens for network participants are schedule to be distributed to the network at a rate of 20% of the remaining balance per year.
To learn more about and follow along with Kin allocation, check out Kin's page below, which was published in the spirit of transparency and disclosure in collaboration with Messari:
14 - I want to integrate Kin into my software project. How do I get started? Where is the developer community?
Check out these developer resources!
Android Tutorial Series:
Unity Tutorial Series:
Developer Communities: Kin Foundation Developer Forums: Kin Foundation Developer Discord:
Implementing Kin in PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Go, and 51+ Other Languages (by u/sednax):
15 - How can I keep up with the latest developments in Kin?
Sign up for the Kin Newsletter here:
This subreddit also serves as a civil space for community to share and discuss developments.
Forum Rules & Guidelines
Purpose of the Forum
The KinFoundation subreddit is the public square for discussion and collaboration across the Kin ecosystem. It is important that we embrace the potential of the forum and foster a space where developers do not censor themselves, the curious are free to ask questions without shame, and holders are willing to collaborate on initiatives and discuss ongoing developments. For that reason, we have decided to broaden the discussion while also pinpointing fair and transparent moderation guidelines that will allow for a productive and healthy environment. This subreddit exists for the purpose of maintaining insight on what’s happening with the Kin Ecosystem, acting as a social gathering for its many participants, and mobilizing the community for things like collaborative initiatives, product feedback for developers, idea-sharing, and more.
Moderation Principles
· Transparency
All moderation actions should be guided by the principles laid out in this document and in the spirit of creating a productive and healthy environment for discussion & collaboration, although it is also understood to be iterative and subject to change.
· Objectivity
All moderation actions should be guided by a rules & practices-based approach, not one of personal judgment.
· Fairness
All moderation actions should be even-handed and based on agreeable principles that enable free but also fruitful discussion.
Code of Conduct
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Kin Ecosystem Directory
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Is this legit? I am pretty certain it is a phishing attempt.

I copied and pasted the email that arrived in my spam folder. I redacted my personal information. I am 99% sure it is just a phishing scam but it is hard to tell these days. The .MP4 files were not clickable. Plus I don't "enjoy myself in front of my PC". LOL

Твой кошмар - ####### [email protected]
6:18 AM (9 hours ago)📷📷to me📷Hi.
I think you will not be happy, because I have a very bad news for you.
Just a few months ago (05/03/2019) I hacked your operating system and I have full control of your device. I implanted a small application into your device which sends me your current IP address and allows me to connect to your device just like remote desktop. Even if you change your password, it won’t help.
How I infected you? The router that you used to connect to Internet had a security hole. You can read about this problem by searching for CVE-2018-10562. I hacked your router and I put my code into it, and when you tried to connect to Internet, my program infected your device.
Later I made a full copy of your hard drive (I have all your email contact lists, list of websites you visited, phone numbers, your passwords etc.)
A little while later, when I was searching your web browsing history I was shocked by what I saw!! The sites for adults you are visiting... you know what I mean...
I just want to say - your fantasies are shifted far away from the normal course!...
For the last 2 months I have been spying on you through your device camera.. especially when you visited those sites to have fun... Those videos show clearly you having fun and the content for adults you were watching.. this is pretty nasty and I would be very worried if I were you.
I have secured 4 videos: ###################_1557693276.mp4 (15.8 MB) ###################_1557273434.mp4 (117.2 MB) ###################_1555082032.mp4 (36.1 MB) ###################_1555966009.mp4 (93.0 MB)
You can verify that the timestamps correspond to the moments you were enjoying yourself...
Now, because I do not like at all what I saw (that’s pretty crazy and ugly) I ask you to send me a donation through Bitcoin network.
2000 US dollars is a fair price (considering your perversions).
If you want me to forget about the whole case, remove the files and disable the nasty app that is spying you, send me the Bitcoin payment within 72 hours. Yes, I give you 72 hours only.
Here is my wallet:

Send exactly 0.296358 BTC to my address:

(copy it and paste - it’s case sensitive)

0.296358 BTC = 2000 dollars
If you do not send me the Bitcoin, I promise you - I will send those 4 files with you enjoying yourself to all your contact lists, associates and social network friends.
I still have access to your device and I know when you read this message. When you opened it, time started ticking. You have 72 hours only!
I am from Russia and nobody will help you if you report this email.. Before they find me your life will be ruined! If you do not cooperate with me - I will release this ugly material immediately.
This is why I advise you - send me the Bitcoin and let’s forget about the whole situation. I know you can afford it.
If you do not know how to send bitcoin, go to google and search how to do it. There are plenty of options like coinbase.
Here is my address again:

Send exactly:
0.296358 BTC
to my address:

Remember to send the exact amount as above! This way I will know it’s from you.
Do not be angry at me. This is just my job, and you are not the only person I caught.
Be angry at your fantasies - if you didn’t visit those sites for adults you would have no problem.. but now...
I am waiting for your bitcoin.
Remember, time is ticking..
-- анонимное
Мы анонимы. Мы легион. Мы не прощаем. Мы не забываем. Ожидайте нас.
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[STORE] Stickered Stuff (Kato 14, Kato 15, Dreamhack 2014, Crown, Howling Dawn)

Katowice 2015 Skins
Item Float Stickers Buyout Tradehold Screen
AUG Chameleon (FN) 0.0651235431432724 NiP Kato 15 Holo 10$ none CLICK
Negev Bratatat StatTrak (MW) 0.09752128273248672 VirtusPro Kato 15 Holo 13$ none CLICK
Five-SeveN Silver Quartz (FN) 0.05269733816385269 LGB Kato 15 Holo 15$ none CLICK
MP9 Deadly Poison StatTrak (FN) 0.06430317461490631 VirtusPro Kato 15 Holo 15$ none CLICK
PP-Bizon Osiris (FN) 0.011621152050793171 NaVi Kato 15 Holo 16$ none CLICK
SSG 08 Abyss (FT) 0.2272629737854004 NaVi Kato 15 Holo 18$ none CLICK
P250 Asiimov (FT) 0.17741799354553223 VirtusPro Kato 15 Holo 35$ none CLICK
AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge (FN) 0.006284533999860287 4 x Kato 15 Holo 250$ none CLICK
Crown Skins
Item Float Stickers Buyout Tradehold Screen
Dual Berettas Duelist (FN) 0.008488533087074757 Crown (Foil) 70$ none CLICK
P2000 Fire Elemental (FN) 0.06727978587150574 Crown (Foil) 95$ none CLICK
M4A4 Buzz Kill (FN) 0.010708442889153957 Crown, 2 x Gold Autograph 160$ none CLICK
AK-47 Fuel Injector (MW) 0.08973806351423264 Crown, 3 x Swag 320$ none CLICK
Katowice 2014/Howling Dawn Skins
Item Float Stickers Buyout Tradehold Screen
Desert Eagle Meteorite (FN) 0.006066976580768824 HellRaisers Kato 14 20$ none CLICK
Tec-9 Blue Titanium (FN) 0.013035077601671219 Titan Katowice 2014 40$ none CLICK
Dual Berettas Hemoglobin ST (FN) 0.02691023424267769 3DMax / CM / Wolf Kato 14 60$ none CLICK
M4A4 Desolate Space StatTrak (FT) 0.18062809109687805 Fnatic Katowice 2014 70$ none CLICK
CZ75-Auto Crimson Web (FN) 0.06596323847770691 VirtusPro Kato 14 70$ none CLICK
M4A1-S Mecha Industries (FN) 0.05144738778471947 3DMax Kato 14 70$ none CLICK
Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo (FN) 0.009673116728663445 Titan Katowice 2014 90$ none CLICK
P90 Module (MW) 0.14953619241714478 LDLC Holo Kato 14 100$ none CLICK
MAC-10 Amber Fade (FN) 0.03331534564495087 Titan, 2 x Fnatic Kato 14 100$ none CLICK
AK-47 Redline (FT) 0.22469738125801086 Titan Kato 14, 3 x Furia Holo 140$ none CLICK
MAC-10 Heat StatTrak (WW) 0.4385550916194916 Howling Dawn, Mouse Kato 14 140$ none CLICK
M4A1-S Master Piece (MW) 0.14834314584732056 HellRaisers Holo Kato 2014 140$ none CLICK
M4A1-S Hot Rod (FN) 0.008118431083858013 Complexity Katowice 2014 140$ none CLICK
AK-47 Wasteland Rebel (FN) 0.066459521651268 NiP Kato 14 150$ none CLICK
AK-47 Redline StatTrak (FT) 0.17267125844955444 4 x red Katowice 204 250$ none CLICK
AK-47 Bloodsport (FN) 0.0390145406126976 4 x Mixed Kato 14 350$ none CLICK
Souvenir Stuff
Item Float Stickers Buyout Tradehold Screen
Souvenir UMP-45 Blaze (FN) 0.01138471718877554 Dreamhack 2014 F3 / NaVi 110$ none CLICK
Souvenir AWP Acheron (FN) 0.0054818689823150635 Allu Scope, Ence VS Renegades 130$ none CLICK
Souvenir Galil AR Cerberus (FN) 0.012390832416713238 Dreamhack 2014 VP / Penta 350$ none CLICK
Souvenir R8 Amber Fade (FN) 0.0455953739583492279 Zeus DH15, Major before R8 Release 110$ none CLICK
Random Stuff
Item Float Stickers Buyout Tradehold Screen
AK-47 Redline (FT) 0.22225022315979004 4 x Dreamhack 2014 Holo 80$ none CLICK
Buyout is in CASH Value. Not SKINS Value. And yes, some are pretty high, feel free to offer. Some are quite firm, others are quite flexible.
Will accept most commonly used 3rd party sites. - can also do crypto via Bitcoin, I will never go first though, so if you are afraid that I'll scam you, use a 3rd party site as a middleman.
Also highly interested in items, especially stickered stuff.
Trade URL
My Steam Profile
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HUUGE BITCOIN MOVE COMING?!!!!!!!! GET READY!! WILL ... NATIONWIDE GUN ASSAULT on WE THE PEOPLE; ASSAULT on the AR-15; BITCOIN WATCH Brand New AR-15: Before You Fire That First Round - YouTube Kenya CitizenTV - YouTube 5 Military Weapons That Will Be Released Soon - YouTube

Flash Hider 1/2X28tpi New AR-15 Bitcoin. Verified Member Charter Gold Member. Imhotep A+(5346) Seller's Other Items. Factory New Condition. FFL is not required Ask Seller a Question  Immediate Checkout. 4% Credit Card Fee. Current Bid. $0.00 . Starting Bid. $55.00. Sign In/Register to Bid. Enter your maximum bid. $ Bid. Minimum bid: $55.00. No Reserve! 0 Bids Bid History. Time Left 15 min ... MSN Nachrichten informiert über die wichtigsten Themen des Tages - national, international und lokal. Entdecken Sie außerdem spannende Geschichten aus Politik, Panorama, Wissen, Digital und Wetter. Thoughts on bitcoin? bm303. Joined Nov 2015; Posts 254; EE 0% (0) USA. Posted: Today 5:18:09 PM EDT I had many of them years ago, got scammed for quite a bit of them by an exchange and sold the remainder and never got back into it. Now with paypal introducing crypto to their platform, what do you all think? Thoughts on bitcoin? General » General Discussion. AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision ... Werfen Sie einen Blick auf die aktuellen Bitcoin News und verschaffen Sie sich einen Überblick über die Tendenzen am Krypto Währungsmarkt. Letzte Bitcoin News helfen Ihnen heute herauszufinden, was gerade passiert. Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden über die neuesten Bitcoin Nachrichten und erweitern Sie Ihr Wissen über den Krypto Währungshandel bei Bitcoin News heute. Suivez les Actualités Bitcoin les plus récentes afin d’avoir une vision globale sur les nouvelles tendances du marché des cryptomonnaies et son actu. Les dernières actualités Bitcoin vous aiderons à tout savoir sur ce qui se passe actuellement. Restez à jour avec les informations les plus récentes dans notre section sur les Actualités Bitcoin du jour et élargissez votre champ de ...

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5 Military Weapons That Will Be Released Soon Subscribe: When it comes to future military technology, researchers and developers of m... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Seit dem Ausverkauf am Dienstag letzter Woche schafft es der Bitcoin-Preis nicht, die 10K wiederzuerobern. Gleichzeitig wird weiterhin die wichtige 9.300 ver... BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for you... This installment of our Shooting 101 series is devoted to the basic operation of the AR-15 rifle for the complete novice. We cover procedures for safely load...